China makes soldiers ‘handsome’, seen patrolling with sunscreen and lip balm

Amid tensions in Ladakh, the Chinese military is preparing to show off its soldiers generously. The Chinese Global Media Times recently published a video in which Chinese PLA personnel are seen wearing lip balm and sunscreen. Meanwhile, Chinese soldiers can be heard talking about their skin in the height of Tibet.

Global Times posted a video
The Global Times published the video and wrote that PLA border guards are giving out information on skin care. When soldiers apply sunscreen and lip balm before going on patrol, their serious faces turn cute. They can also give good suggestions regarding the use of military cream.

China wants to create psychological pressure
The Chinese propaganda system continues to publish such videos and photos to create psychological pressure on India and to please its people. Even before that, China’s stakes have turned and been beaten. China wants to show how much it cares about its soldiers. While the reality is that no one has the freedom to oppose in Communist China.

Gave the balloon a rocket launcher
In fact, the balloon, which the Chinese military PLA gave to the rocket launcher, was deflated from one place. When the Chinese propaganda system found out, they removed this photo. Now China is getting serious on social media. Indeed, many countries of the world deploy false weapons to deceive their enemy countries in time of war.

Drones disappear, Chinese army transports goods from mules
The Global Times wrote in the report that the Chinese military’s Tibetan militia transport units also use mules and horses as a practical approach to supply them in harsh environments at higher elevations along the border. . The Tibetan Militia Soldier’s Supply Unit in Rutog County of Nagy Province of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region provides logistical support to the troops of the China People’s Liberation Army (APL).

Chinese media try to spread propaganda
Broadcasting propaganda, Chinese media CCTV published a statement by an alleged Tibetan militia soldier. In which he is heard to speak of his support for the Chinese military. However, it has not been confirmed whether he was a Tibetan militia soldier or anyone else. The Chinese government-backed media continue to try to spread propaganda by showing bogus and distorted videos.

Chinese soldiers applying lipbaum and cream

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