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Kuala Lumpur
There has been a tense situation between China and Malaysia over airspace infiltration. Malaysia grounded its fighter jets on Monday after intercepting Chinese Air Force transport planes. After that, China clarified on Wednesday that its planes are performing routine training. This incident is over Borneo in the South China Sea where there is a dispute between the two countries over the claim.

China told the routine training
Malaysia’s foreign minister said 16 Chinese planes had infiltrated. He said the government will file a complaint with China and summon the Chinese ambassador. However, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said the activities were part of the routine Chinese Air Force flight and did not target any country. “Chinese military planes are free to fly in the respective airspace under relevant international law,” he said. The spokesperson further stated that the planes did not enter the airspace of any country.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia
According to the Malaysian Air Force, the planes had arrived about 60 nautical miles from the Malaysian side of Borneo and did not respond to attempts at contact. With that, Malaysia sent in its fighter planes. These planes took off again before entering Malaysian airspace. At the same time, the country’s Foreign Minister, Hishammuddin Hussain, said the planes entered the country’s maritime area and called it a violation of Malaysia’s airspace and dominance.

south china sea dispute
It is not the only country to have disputes with China over the South China Sea. China has created an atmosphere of military tension involving many countries and islands. So far, relations with Malaysia have not been very strained. China is often in conflict with Vietnam, the Philippines, Brune and Taiwan. At the same time, America has also stationed its warships here to prove the international right to freedom of navigation.

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