China March: first photos: Zhurong Rover from Tianwen1 The Chinese mission to Mars sends its first photos: the Chinese rover has sent its first photos from Mars

Moon’s rover Zhurong, which landed on Mars last Saturday, sent the first photos. China’s National Space Administration shared photos of the rover’s front view. The Utopia Planitia can be seen in these black and white photos where the rover landed. In the second photo, the back of the spaceship is visible. It is a color image and has open solar panels and antennas. It was launched in July of last year and reached orbit of Mars in February.

For a few days at the moment, the rover will perform diagnostic tests and then begin other missions. He will also find traces of life on the surface of the Red Planet. According to CGTN, there is a camera in front of the rover, which acts as an “eye” for it. The two arms shown in the image are part of the radar system as the two rollers move from the platform to the ground to guide the rover. At first they were in the lander and came out later, which shows that the whole system is working fine.

China Rover on Mars

Zhurong has 6 wheels and is powered by solar energy. Its weight is about 240 kg. He will collect rock samples on Mars and study them. It will work for about 3 months. The Tianwen-1 orbiter gave several photos before landing. Video was taken from Tianwen-1’s Small Engineering Survey subsystem camera, in which Mars was seen.

After that, the edge of the atmosphere of Mars was seen. The crater also appeared on the surface of Mars. The second video showed a photo taken with Tianwen-1’s tracking antenna surveillance camera. Many small surveillance cameras are installed in the engineering survey subsystem.

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First photos sent by Zhurong Rover from the Chinese mission Tianwen-1 since March

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