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The Chinese Tianwen-1 spacecraft sent a stunning image of Mars. This craft revolves around the orbit of Mars. In the photo she sent, Mars is very beautiful like the receding moon in the sun. On February 24 of this year, Tianwen-1 reached Mars and in June it will land on the surface of the Red Planet where on February 18, the Perseverance Rover of the US space agency NASA also landed.

Photo taken at 11 thousand km
The National Space Administration of China (CNSA) has released two new photographs showing the shape of the crescent of Mars and the light texture of the surface. CNSA is the only mission of the year that includes both the moon orbiter and the rover. These photos were taken while the probe was 11,000 km from Mars. Different colors of the red planet can be seen in these images as well as the dusty thin atmosphere.

March photo

The map will be prepared
Tianwen-1 was launched on July 23 last year and is China’s first independent mission to a planet. He reached Mars after traveling a distance of 295 million kilometers after a 202-day journey. It has an orbiter and a rover. It is believed that the landing on the surface of Mars will be attempted in May or June. Until then, the photos of the Utopia Planitia landing site will be taken and the map will be prepared.

America is only on Mars
America is the only country so far that has successfully landed a spacecraft on Mars and has done this eight times. Two NASA landers operate there, Insight and Curiosity. Six other spacecraft are taking photos of the Red Planet from orbit of Mars, including three from the United States, two from European countries and one from India. China’s last attempt on Mars was in collaboration with Russia, which failed in 2011.

March photo

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