China Mid-Term Anti-Ballistic Missile Test: Watch: China Demonstrates Strength Amid US and Indian Tensions, ‘Reverse’ Missile En route – China claims to conduct anti-ballistic missile test at mid-point journey amid tensions with India and the United States

Strong points:

China claims to have successfully tested anti-ballistic missile systems. Chinese media said the purpose of this missile test was to destroy the IRBM. Experts say that the system can also be destroyed by this system.
Amid continuing tensions with the United States and India, China has claimed a successful test of the anti-ballistic missile system. Chinese official Silent Global Times said the purpose of the missile test was to demonstrate the enemy’s ability to destroy a medium-range missile (IRBM) halfway. Experts say the satellite can also be destroyed in space using this system.

China’s Defense Ministry announced the missile defense system test on Thursday and said all targets were met during the test. China did not provide more information. He also did not say whether the missile shot down the attacking missile in the middle. Chinese officials said the entire test was purely defensive in nature and did not target any particular country.

The most important thing to do is hit the missile on the way
A video of the test of this missile was shared on Chinese social networks. It is said that China tested this missile system in the north of the country. The video that goes viral in China is similar to the one from 2018 where he tested the anti-ballistic missile system in the same way. Experts say if the footage from this missile test is correct, it was fired from Shanxi province, which is China’s missile test center.

On the other hand, Global Times said that testing of this ground-based missile defense system has increased the effectiveness of this technology in China, which has become more reliable. China has carried out the fifth test of this anti-ballistic missile system. Chinese experts said it was very important to fire the missile in the middle.

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