China military exercises in the South China Sea: China to conduct maneuvers near Taiwan in the South China Sea, tensions escalate with the United States

Tensions between China and the United States over Taiwan in the South China Sea are now escalating. Following the arrival of the nuclear-armed US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt in the South China Sea, China announced that it would conduct exercises this week. China issued a notice banning fishing near Tonkin Bay between Jan.27 and Jan.30.

China has not said when it will conduct the exercises and how feasible it will be. Earlier on Saturday, a U.S. aircraft carrier arrived in the South China Sea to provide “ safety at sea ” after Biden became president. Now, the South China Sea is becoming a hotspot between the United States and China. The Tokin Gulf is just east of Vietnam with which China is in conflict.
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Chinese airmen flee Taiwan airspace
Previously, China infiltrated 15 of its fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace for the second day in a row on Sunday. After that, the Taiwanese Air Force kicked in and turned its missiles at Chinese planes. Not only that, the Taiwanese Air Force fighters immediately flew and warned China against retaliation. Chinese Taiwanese flee Taiwan airspace after Taiwan’s warning.

China also detonated its 8H-6 nuclear bombers in Taiwan airspace on Saturday. They were accompanied by a squad of four J-16 fighter jets. The Chinese plane fled after Taiwan’s retaliation. China is said to be fueled by the US diplomat’s visit to Taiwan. For this reason, the tension between the two countries is increasing again.

Taiwanese missiles confront China
The ministry said the Taiwan Air Force has warned Chinese planes and deployed missiles to monitor them. The level of airborne alerts was also increased upon receipt of the intrusion. Radio warnings were issued and air defense missile systems were deployed to monitor this activity. Chinese planes that infiltrated Taiwan’s airspace on Sunday included two Y-8 anti-submarine jets, two Sukhoi SU-30 fighter jets, four J-16 fighter jets, six J-10 fighter jets and a Y-8 maritime aircraft. Included. Earlier on Saturday, China had infiltrated eight H-6K and four J-16 fighter jets.

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