China Military Supremacy Mission: China has embarked on a campaign of military supremacy, these weapons of war have increased global tension – China’s military supremacy mission, Chinese military weapons and terrifying missiles threaten the world

These days, China’s mission is to establish its military supremacy in the world. Even after sparking controversy with almost all of its neighboring countries, China did not feed itself, so it too has put itself thousands of miles away from America and Britain. China has built so many high-tech missiles that it’s not a matter of a common defense system to establish dominance over sea and land. President Xi Jinping himself constantly orders his army to be ready for war. The Chinese government is also spending billions of dollars on military mobilization and weapon modernization. Know the strength of China of which it is proud …

China has a stockpile of hypersonic missiles

These days, China is spending a huge amount of money on manufacturing hypersonic missiles. China claims it has missiles around 20 times faster than sound. It is also not easy to stop missiles flying at such speed. Some analysts fear that humans lack the capacity to respond to these deadly weapons. Each country will have to rely on artificial intelligence and computer systems to deal with these missiles. Experts call these hypersonic missiles from China game-changers. He claims that after firing, the enemy will have very little time to retaliate. In such a case, the missile can hit its target.

America doesn’t even have a way to protect them

America, which is considered to be at the top of the world’s superpower, has no way of avoiding it. The commander of US Strategic Command, General John E. Highton, told a US Senate committee three years ago that we have no defenses against these weapons. These missiles capable of carrying nuclear missiles are capable of carrying out precise attacks against people, vehicles and buildings. China is also building a wind tunnel to test these weapons, where missiles can reach speeds of up to Mach 25.

China makes army powerful with graphene armor

Graphene is a material used to coat the arms. It is the thinnest and lightest material to date, which is 20 times stronger than steel. In the military, it is used in the coating of ballistic missiles, the wiring of hypersonic missiles exposed to high temperatures, and the camouflage (camouflage) of vehicles and soldiers’ corps orders. It was invented in 2004 by researchers at the University of Manchester. Chinese President Xi Jinping also visited this laboratory.

Graphene coating of attack helicopters and military bases also

China has also equipped its Z-10 attack chopper with graphene armor developed at the Beijing Aviation Materials Institute. China has secured its military bases on man-made islands in the South China Sea considered highly controversial using graphene coatings. China has also deployed class submarines equipped with nuclear missiles to these military bases.

China spies on intelligence technology

China’s intelligence technology is considered very advanced in the world today. China also monitors and controls the activities, thoughts and words of its 1.4 billion citizens. The Chinese province of Xinjiang and Hong Kong are examples. Where the news of the Chinese repression is not hidden from anyone. People are tracked using street cameras, facial recognition technology, biometric data, official records, artificial intelligence and online activity monitoring. Most of these devices are manufactured by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation.

Chinese universities prepare blueprint for Jinping plans

The plans of Chinese President Xi Jinping are drawn in Chinese universities. Jinping gives it the name of Military Civil Fusion. Chinese universities also play a central role in increasing the dragon’s military strength. China’s Constitution also states that all new technologies developed by the private sector should be shared with the Legislative People’s Liberation Army. The National University of Defense Technology of China specializes in the manufacture of hypersonics, drones, supercomputers, radars, and navigation systems.

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