China modernizes radar on border with India: deadlock in Ladakh: Chinese dragon crosses border with India, larger than satellite images revealed – Ladakh dead end China has modernized its radar facilities along the border indo-sino

The Chinese dragon has tried to connect the Indian Line of Real Control (LAC) with the most modern raidor in eastern Ladakh amid tensions in recent months. The latest satellite images reveal that China has started upgrading its Aksai Chin radar on the Arunachal Pradesh border. According to experts, if there is a skirmish or war in India and China in the future, these raids can prove to be a big headache for the Indian military.

In the satellite image released by the open source intelligence service detresfa, the Chinese radar stations are clearly visible. China is not only building new radar stations, but also modernizing old ones. These are located near the Chinese Aksai Chin Raidor, the Himachal Pradesh-Uttarakhand border, the Nepal border, Doklam in Sikkim, Bhutan, and the Arunachal Pradesh border. In its report, detresfa said that China, constantly deploying radar stations and air defense systems, has ambitious territorial claims along the border. This can cause regional tensions for a long time.

China repeats South China Sea strategy
This Chinese strategy is the same as it did in the South China Sea. China’s effort is to prepare for the border war so much that the Indian army can never dare to attack in the future in the event of a border dispute. China has also created artificial islands in southern China and deployed missiles and fighter jets there. This move by China poses a major threat to Vietnam and other neighboring countries and Taiwan. China is rapidly deploying the redor system along the Indian border.

Chinese radar is present everywhere on the border with India

Let us tell you that the Chinese dragon heading towards taking possession of Indian lands in Ladakh has started to modernize the air fortifications in their areas adjoining all of North India. China is deploying large-scale surface-to-air missiles at seven air bases in its territory on the border between Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh. China has taken this step at a time when India recently introduced the Rafale fighter and was deployed to Ambala.

Now China is afraid of India’s air strike. It is also reported in the media that China has also deployed its S-400 missile defense system from Russia. The open source intelligence detresfa released the image, saying China is deploying its missiles to all corners of the border with India, given the threat of an airstrike from India. Not only that, given the Indian tensions, he started to modernize his old missiles and his system.

China deploys SAM missiles at 7 sites
China has deployed surface-to-air missiles in its Rutog County, Nagri Kunsha Airport, Lake Ladarsar on the Uttarakhand border, Shigges Airport and Sikkim adjacent to Sikkim, Manling and Lahunj next to Arunachal Pradesh, next to Ladakh. Four to five missile launchers are deployed at these locations. Apart from that, Redor and Janetar are also seen to help him. We see in some photographs that the Chinese missiles are on full alert against the threat of an air strike from India.

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