China moon space probe: Chang’e-5: the Chinese dragon’s gaze on Chanda Mama’s precious “ treasure ”, sent in the “ storm sea ” spacecraft – China lunar probe change 5 touches the moon

The Chinese dragon, who competes to capture the world’s natural resources, is now out of sight on the moon (Chang’e-5) outside the earth. China has launched a spacecraft on the lunar surface with the aim of bringing rock samples from the moon to Earth. This is the first expedition to collect samples from the Moon since 1976. A statement released by China said the ‘Chang’e-5’ spacecraft successfully landed at the designated location shortly after 11 p.m. Tuesday. This Chinese vehicle also began to dig the surface of the moon. This Chinese lander was launched from Hainan Island on November 24. Let us know what is the secret of China’s moon jump….

Chinese spaceship to bring moon samples in about 44 years

China said the lander sent to the moon will collect two-kilogram samples of rock and dust from the surface in two days. After that, the samples will be sent into orbit and from there those samples will be brought to Earth via “return capsules”. As planned, the spacecraft will land in Mongolia by the middle of the month. If this campaign is successful, it will be the first successful campaign to collect fresh rock samples on the Moon since 1976. Previously, the Russian mission Luna 24 had landed on the lunar surface on August 22, 1976. Then Luna returned with it 200 grams of earth from the moon. In this way, after 44 years on the lunar surface, such a spacecraft has landed and will return from here. This spaceship is named after the moon goddess of Chang’e-5 China.

Two missions already exist on the lunar surface

Two Chinese missions are already on the lunar surface. In 2013, a spacecraft named Cheng-e-3 reached the lunar surface. At the same time, in January 2019, Cheng-E-4 landed on the lunar surface with a lander and a Utu-2 rover. It is said that these missions are still active. This whole mission is called China’s most ambitious mission. China has spent billions of dollars on this military-led space mission. China hopes to create a space station for humans to live in space by 2022 and humans can be sent to the moon in the future. This latest mission will give China information on the emergence, development and volcanic activity of the Moon.

China launches spaceship into ‘storm sea’

If China succeeds in bringing the sample, it will be the third such country after America, Russia. According to the popular scientific journal Nature, this Chinese vehicle landed in the “storm sea” on the moon. This work of extracting samples up to two kilos will last one moon day (14 Earth days). According to scientists, this mission from China is technically quite difficult and full of new things. China is accomplishing all this mission to realize President Xi Jinping’s “Space Dream”. Thanks to this, China, which recently became the space superpower, is trying to keep pace with the United States and Russia. To make this dream come true, China is also making rockets that are more powerful than American NASA rockets. Its intention is to establish colonies on the Moon so that an ambitious mission to send humans to Mars in the future can be completed.

The treasure found on the moon will be “ energy ” for 500 years

The moon may prove to be a new beacon of hope for a world that longs for clean and safe energy. China is eyeing a precious treasure found in large quantities on the moon, called helium-3. The discovery of this precious treasure takes China to the moon. Looking at the rapidly depleted traditional energy resources on Earth, the whole world gazes up at the moon with hopeful eyes. If helium-3 has been found on the moon, human energy needs can be met for the next 500 years. Not only here, helium-3 can provide billions of dollars for China as well as for energy. If the helium-3 exploration process begins, experts say, the current space economy will grow from $ 400 billion to $ 1 trillion by 2040.

Why helium-3 is so important to the world

According to scientists, the use of helium-3 in nuclear reactors will not generate radioactive waste. This will help meet the energy needs of the earth for centuries to come. Helium-3 has already been born on Earth but it is very rare and expensive. It is estimated that there are huge reserves on the Moon. Reserves would reach up to one million metric tonnes. Only a quarter of this reservoir can be brought to Earth. One expert estimates that a ton of helium-3 can cost around $ 5 billion. 250,000 tons of helium-3 can be brought from the moon, which can cost several trillions of dollars. China sent its Chang E4 vehicle to search for helium-3. Given this, America, Russia, Japan, and European countries are also going to walk on the moon. Not only that, Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Amazon company, wants to colonize the moon.

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