China moves from Taiwan to India, huge fortifications not only on sea but also on land – China increases military strength from Taiwan to India, massive expansion of Chinese army against India Xi Jinping

China is increasing its strength from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean amid mounting tensions from neighboring countries including India, Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. China made such huge fortifications from Taiwan to India, which is not easy to overcome. China is rapidly increasing its military presence in the South China Sea. It is also taking action to pressurize India’s largest naval base to Andaman and Nicobar via Cambodia. Chinese submarines are now patrolling the Indian Ocean in greater numbers than before. In the Himalayan region as well, from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, China is rapidly modernizing numerous military bases. Xu Qiliang, the top military general in the Chinese military, recently announced that his country will spend more to increase its strategic strength in the face of growing threats of war. However, satellite images suggest that China has already been conducting its military expansion operations for several years. General Xu Qiliang is ranked second in the list of Chinese military officers after President Xi Jinping. He is one of the top 25 politburo members of the Communist Party of China. Representatives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) met with General Xu Qiliang at the National People’s Congress (Chinese Parliament) held this week. After which, a joint statement said their country faced Thucydides trap and border issues. In such a situation, the country has enough reasons to increase its defense budget. On the other hand, China also feels threatened due to the top of the quad. At the meeting held the day before, all Quad member countries openly supported India over the lingering tensions in Ladakh. These countries also spoke about establishing independent transport and the rule of law in the Indo-Pacific. China is examining these two issues against itself.

What is the Thucydides trap? Because of which China is afraid

Thucydides Trap is actually the idea of ​​Thucydides, a Greek philosopher. He states that increasing powers always eliminate decreasing powers in conflict. He shows America as a waning power and China as a rising power. China has sparked border disputes not only with India, but also with Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia due to its growing ambition in the Indo-Pacific. This is why China is rapidly increasing its strength from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean. This includes creating new man-made islands in the sea, turning them into a military base, or setting up military bases in poor countries by trapping them in debt. This is why President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to his ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. In China, not only Sri Lanka, but also Laos and Maldives in Asia are burdened with debt. In Sri Lanka, China took the Port of Hambantota on a 99-year lease. In Cambodia, too, China has taken a step to encircle India in the Andaman Sea by creating a military base.

China increases military strength in South China Sea

The biggest threat to China comes from the presence of Taiwanese America and Japan in the South China Sea. This is the reason why the Chinese army is rapidly increasing its strategic strength in this area. General Xu Qiliang of the Chinese army said during the parliamentary session that the army should step up its capacity. The military should increase the success of combat methods and capabilities and lay a solid foundation for military modernization. This is the reason why, in recent times, the Chinese military has intensified its action in an aggressive manner. Taiwan News claimed that China quickly modernized two Chinese Air Force bases in Fujian Province, near Taiwan, based on recent images from Google Earth. According to several photos from open-source intelligence (OSINT), China is rapidly modernizing its military bases from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Against India, China is rapidly modernizing military bases and air bases from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh. In recent times, numerous reports have shown that China has built many new military bases near the Indian border, which can be useful during the war. India has a dispute with China not only over Ladakh, but also Arunachal Pradesh.

China built a naval base in Cambodia

Cambodia leased this naval base from Tianjin, a Chinese company, on a 99-year lease, according to a Bloomberg report. The company will invest $ 3.8 billion to develop the port. Under this agreement, the Chinese navy will be able to use this base for the next 40 years. The company is also working on a development plan for a nearby airport. It is believed that China can deploy its J-20 advanced fighter jets here. China has been investing heavily since 2017 with the intention of occupying Cambodia. At present, China has invested around $ 10 billion in Cambodia. A poor country like Cambodia has not paid such a huge sum. For this reason, he mortgaged Reem’s naval base, believing China. At the same time, China, as before, denies having acquired the port from Cambodia by falling into the debt trap. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has been constantly giving clarifications for the demonstration after the port was ceded to China. He said that China would only build the infrastructure on this naval base. Hun Sen told the opening ceremony of a Chinese-owned theme park near the capital Phnom Penh that other countries may also seek permission to stop, refuel or conduct joint exercises with Cambodia in this port.

China modernizes its air base 200 km from Taiwan

Two days ago, the head of the US Army’s Indo-Pacific Command told the US Parliament that China can attack Taiwan at any time in the next 6 years. Meanwhile, China has also increased the number of shipments of its fighters over Taiwan. Chinese bombers, long-range fighters and surveillance planes infiltrate Taiwan’s borders almost daily. Meanwhile, the PLA is preparing to modernize Longtian and Huan air bases. This air base is located 200 kilometers from Magan, the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. Hence any Chinese bomber can drop a bomb on Taipei in just 7 minutes after takeoff. This is the reason why Taiwan bought many missile defense systems from the United States. In addition, Taiwanese Air Force ships are now ready to fly in greater numbers than ever before. Retired Taiwan Air Force Commander Chang Yen-ting said that with the modernization of the Chinese Air Force base, our concerns have actually increased dramatically. The security preparations we made earlier will now need to be rethought. It will now be necessary to deploy a large number of missiles and radars to monitor the Chinese planes flying from these bases.

China strengthens from Ladakh to Arunachal

China is steadily strengthening its military presence in Tibet amid tensions in Ladakh. The Chinese military has modernized the new military logistics center here by upgrading the Shigaz Air Base (Xigaze Airport), located less than 200 kilometers from the Sikkim border. Apart from this, work is underway at Lhasa Gongar airport to park the ship, load and unload, improve the filling space. This airbase is also close to the 2017 Doklam litigation site. A few days ago, open source intelligence cited satellite photographs that a massive upgrade was underway at the PLA military base in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. It is China’s largest military base established in the Tibet region. Construction work on this base was first seen in April 2020, after which satellite photographs taken in January 2021 also revealed that construction work was continuing here. A few months ago, the Chinese army modernized the Shigaz air base (Xigaze airport), located less than 200 kilometers from the Sikkim border, to establish a new military logistics center there. Experts predict that China can monitor both India and Bhutan with the help of this air base. This air base is also close to the 2017 Doklam litigation site. Apart from all this, China is also modernizing the Chamdo Bangda air base located 130 km from the Arunachal Pradesh border.

Chinese nuclear submarines roam the Indian Ocean

China is rapidly increasing its naval strength in the Indian Ocean. He continues to accumulate the Indian Ocean under the pretext of being part of the international force against pirates near Africa. Only last year, the Indian Navy pushed back a Chinese research vessel that was intruding into the Andaman Sea. In addition, Chinese nuclear submarines are patrolling from East Asia to the African continent. China, along with Pakistan, is also building a barricade against India in this area. Indeed, one of the largest maritime trade routes in the world is China’s military base in Djibouti, near the Gulf of Aden. Hence he is preparing new conspiracies against India. The Pakistani and Chinese navies are also patrolling the area simultaneously. However, the Indian Navy is also launching an aggressive challenge to China in the Indian Ocean. According to sources, during the WMCC meeting between India and China on Ladakh, China also expressed its dissatisfaction with the India issue.

China threatened America to stay within Taiwan limits

China has also warned Joe Biden against staying within Taiwan’s boundaries. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday warned the United States’ Biden administration to withdraw former President Donald Trump’s dangerous tendency to support Taiwan. He said China’s claim to Taiwan was a foolproof red line. Although the United States does not have official relations with the democratically elected government of Taiwan, it openly supports this island nation in military and political affairs. Trump, during his tenure, also had a number of billions of dollars worth of dangerous missiles and fighter jets with Taiwan. Trump had sent several senior officials from his cabinet on a tour of Taiwan, teasing that China had flown fighter jets over Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said there was no scope for agreement or concession before the Chinese government on the Taiwan issue. We appeal to the new US administration to fully understand the serious sensitivity associated with the Taiwan question. Although Wang gave no indication of what China might do if the United States does not change its position, the ruling Communist Party has warned that if Taiwan declares formal independence or talks to join the mainland if it delays. , China can attack it.

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