China Nepal Railway: China Nepal Railway to cross the Himalayas: China Nepal Railway to cross the Himalayas

The rail link between China and Nepal can pass through a safe area in the Himalayan hills. A senior engineer associated with the project provided this information. With the help of this $ 8 billion project, Nepal is trying to strengthen its economy. However, large-scale construction in an environmentally safe area is against Chinese law.

The tunnel will cross the Himalayas
According to the South China Morning Post report, 6 routes are offered between the two countries on the 1000 km border. Chinese experts are divided on which to choose. The most controversial is Mount Komolangma National Park where Mount Everest is located. It is a zone of protection. Finally, it was decided to pass the railway line through a 30 km tunnel from this route.

According to the chief engineer of the first group of Chinese railway study and design institutes, more than a third of the tunnel will pass under the protection zone of the national park, but it will be entirely underground. It will pass under Chinese territory and will be the first tunnel to cross the Himalayas which will link Tibet and the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.

India protested
India opposed this project. India does most of the trade with Nepal, but China has led the way in recent years. Nepal also serves as a buffer zone between China and India. Military tensions between the two countries persist and there was even deadly violence a year ago. At the same time, China has strengthened its proximity to Nepal. Experts say that through this, China also wants to challenge India and wants to use Nepal’s resources.

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