China Nepal Relations: Corruption of Chinese company in Nepal exposed, 2 crore bribe paid to government official

Many companies in Beijing are taking advantage of the Nepalese Oli government’s growing proximity to China. Large Chinese companies are engaged in infrastructure development projects in Nepal. The 102 MW Middle Bhotekoshi hydroelectric project in Sindhupalchowk district is also under construction by Chinese company Guangxi Hydro-Electric Construction. A bribe of Rs 2 crore was offered to a Nepalese government official on behalf of this company to approve its inferior construction and extend the project deadline.

Nepal audio leak investigation started
According to a report by Nepali Media Khabarhab, a bribe of two crore was offered to Mani Kumar Kafle, CEO on behalf of the Chinese company Guangxi Hydro-Electric Construction. Audio from this incident is also going viral on social media. As soon as the audio was revealed, the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Authority in Nepal began to investigate the case.

Where is this project carried out
The Bhotekoshi hydropower project is under construction in Sindhupalchowk district, about 66 km northeast of Kathmandu. In this project, the Chinese company is to build the main tunnel, power station, dam and hydroelectric project. The deadline for this project, which started in 2013, has already been extended twice. The company was supposed to complete construction in June 2017, but was then extended until June 30, 2019.

40% of project work remaining
The Guangxi Hydroelectric Construction Company responsible for the civil and mechanical works of the project failed to deliver the equipment on time, citing a lack of money. The Chinese company has also been accused of failing to maintain the quality of construction work in accordance with the contractual agreement. It is said that to date, only 60% of the work on this project has been completed.

The company interpreter offers the agent
In such situation, the Chinese company offered a bribe to the Nepalese official to save his inferior construction and extend the deadline. The offer was made on behalf of Guangxi Hydro Electronic by interpreter Gobinda Paudel to Mani Kumar Kafle, CEO of Middle Bhotekosi Hydropower Company. The Nepalese official has just kept silent on this conversation.

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