China-Nepal relations: How is the visit of the Chinese Minister of Defense to Nepal dangerous for India? Read more – How is Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe’s visit to Nepal dangerous for India

Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fengahi arrived in Kathmandu on Sunday for a one-day visit. He is accompanied by a powerful delegation of 20 members in Nepal. The Chinese defense minister’s visit remains a topic of discussion in the two countries amid improving Nepal’s relations with India. It is believed that during the meeting with PM KP Sharma Oli and President Vidya Debi Bhandari, China and Nepal may have several important agreements in the defense sector.

Why Chinese Defense Minister’s visit is dangerous for India
It is believed that Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fengahi could pressure Nepal to openly join President Xi Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative. In this context, the focus will be on increasing road and air connectivity between China and Nepal. If China’s presence in Nepal increases, it can certainly cause problems for India.

How powerful is General Wei Fenghi?
Chinese Defense Minister General Wei Fenghi is very special to President Xi Jinping. He is a key figure of the Chinese State Councilor, a member of the Communist Party Central Committee and the Central Military Commission headed by President Xi Jinping. He is believed to have reached Nepal with a message from Jinping. Which can affect the politics of the region.

Wei Fengahi reached Nepal with a three-point program
Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghi has reached Nepal with his three-point program. The first order of business is to ensure that the border between Nepal and China is properly protected. Recently, after the report of the Chinese occupation in Humla, the local people saw the wrath of China. In such a situation, China wants to make its border completely secure.

China wants to sell military weapons to Nepal
The Chinese Defense Minister wants an agreement to sell small arms and military equipment to Nepal during his visit. Until now, Nepal has bought much of its weapons from India. The Chinese defense minister wants Nepal to sell small arms and ammunition to the Nepalese army as part of its second program. In 1989, when the late King Birendra of Nepal signed an agreement to buy weapons from China, then Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi imposed an economic blockade. But today there are fears that Nepal is trying to balance its dependence on India by playing the China card.

China can give jobs to Nepalese Gurkhas in Chinese army
General Wei could offer jobs to Nepalese Gurkhas in the Chinese military as part of his third agenda. For this, they can discuss the terms and conditions. However, this has yet to be officially confirmed. Yet China is expected to be intimidated by the Indian Army’s Mountain Strike Corps. He also knows the strength of the Nepalese Gurkhas in the mountainous region. In such a situation, his trick may be to include these Gurkhas in his army.

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