China-Nepal trade bloc: Nepalese traders accuse Nepal of blocking trade at the border: Nepalese traders blamed the trade on China

Even though Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is close to China, the country’s businessmen are angry with the dragon. He alleged that China had set up an “undeclared trade bloc” and that trucks loaded with their goods had not been able to come to Nepal for 16 months. Naresh Katuwal, president of the National Federation of Nepal Traders, said trucks stuck at the border because of Kovid-19 have not yet been allowed to come.

Goods stopped between festivals
According to the Kathmandu Post report, around 2,000,000 containers were intercepted during the holiday season from October to November with clothes, shoes, cosmetics, electronics and more. There are only a few things left. Katuwal said Kerung and Tatopani had been stranded at the border for 16 months. China has only allowed a few trucks to come to Nepal, and most importers have shipped their goods through the Kolkata port in India, raising prices.

Appealing to the government is no use
According to Katuwal, “some goods are still stuck at the border. We have spoken to China on several occasions and asked the major political leaders to speak to the relevant ministries. We also called on the Department of External Affairs to resolve the problem, but to no avail. He said it was seen as an unofficial bloc of China. If the situation remains the same, it will no longer be necessary to do business with China.

He alleged that while trade waits for the goods here, Chinese carriers have increased the cost of transportation. For the 26 km route from the Chinese border to the Nepal border, the charge has increased from RMC 15 to 16,000 to RMB 60 to 65,000.

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