China New Discoveries of Mysterious Sanxingdui Civilization Golden Treasures Could Rewrite History: The mystery of civilization discovered in China, a 3-thousand-year-old golden treasure, will change history!

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Archaeologists in southwest China hand over the precious treasure of the unknown Shu civilization, which shows that it was once the homeland of an unknown Shu civilization.
Archaeologists in southwest China have found a precious treasure from an unknown civilization. This treasure suggests that it must have been the home of an unknown civilization. If archaeologists manage to uncover this unknown civilization, it may be necessary to rewrite Chinese history. A gold crown was also found in this treasure which would be worn by the priests of the time.

This precious treasure was extracted from the Shanxigdui temple located in Guanghan, Sichuan province. Looking at this treasure, one gets the impression that it was a highly developed civilization that lasted for thousands of years. However, researchers and government officials claim that there is no mention of this civilization in Chinese history. Excavation of this palace began in 2019 and so far 500 artifacts in gold, bronze, jade and ivory
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Gold jewelry in the form of birds has also been added to the treasury.
Experts say all of these artifacts are around 3,000 years old. This treasure also includes the gold mask that priests wore at the time. This treasure was found in the area of ​​3.5 to 19 m². This discovery yielded a lot of important information about the ancient Shu civilization. It gives information about the abandonment, the earth and their ancestors to go to heaven.
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A researcher said that this discovery traces the specialty of the Shu civilization. Other items found in this treasure include gold jewelry in the shape of a bird, gold lining, bronze masks, sacred bronze tree, ivory ornaments. Chinese scientists have extracted this treasure using advanced technology. This Shaanksigdui temple is considered the most important archaeological find of the 21st century. Previously, such a great discovery had been made in 1920.

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