China Nuclear Missile Silo India: China builds second nuclear missile silo field affected by India’s nuclear weapon

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China is building 110 nuclear missile silos to take on America-India, this second Chinese missile base is located in the desert near the town of Hami in Xinjiang province, the most dangerous is that the killer missile silo is 2000 km from India located in Beijing.
The Chinese dragon, who has the mentality to rule the world, is building 110 nuclear missile silos to compete with Russia, America and India. This second Chinese missile base is located in the desert near the town of Hami in Xinjiang province and has been revealed by the latest satellite images. Most dangerous is that the killer missile silo is located only 2000 km from India. China has many such missiles within range of which all of India can be found.

A silo is a type of storage container inside which long range missiles are kept. Earlier, it was revealed that 100 new silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles are due to be built in the desert near the city of Yumen in northwest China. The Federation of American Scientists said based on the latest footage that China has started digging for another missile silo.

The range of Chinese missiles to the whole of India (FAS photo credits)

A network of roads has been laid over an area of ​​800 square kilometers.
US scientists have said the expansion will dramatically increase China’s nuclear attack power. Hami and Yumen are both places in China where the United States cannot attack with its conventional cruise missiles. In such a situation, America will have to use exclusively its nuclear missiles to destroy them. Scientists said that a network of roads had been laid over an area of ​​800 square kilometers. He said construction of missile silos has started this year.

Scientists said China began to show the world its power after several years of silence. After testing the atomic bomb in the 1960s, China insisted on maintaining minimal nuclear deterrence for several decades. China is believed to have 300 nuclear bombs, but now under Xi Jinping’s leadership, Dragon is rapidly increasing the supply of nuclear bombs.

US scientists Matt Korda and Hans M. Christen said, “The construction of silos at Yumen and Hami is China’s largest nuclear weapons expansion to date. He said that so far China has only used 20 silos it has manufactured for the DF-5 missile. With the construction of these new missile silos, China will have 230 new missile silos.

China’s second missile base (photo courtesy of the FAS)

China’s eye on America’s and India’s nuclear expansion
Scientists said there could be three reasons for this new expansion. First, China now wants to build up a stockpile of nuclear bombs according to its increased economic, technical and military power. The second reason is that China is in tension with US missile defense and India’s increase in nuclear weapons. He said India is increasing its nuclear power very quickly these days. Russia has announced that it is manufacturing hypersonic and autonomous weapons. It is possible that China wants to gain effective power against all of this. The third reason is that China manufactures more than 200 missile silos for fear that its missiles will be destroyed in the enemy attack. By building bases in two places, America will not be able to know where there are more nuclear missiles.

What are intercontinental ballistic missiles
Intercontinental ballistic missiles have a much longer range. They are able to fly from continent to continent and attack. In these, ballistic missiles can fly from their launch sites and successfully hit targets while traveling through space. These missiles can strike with conventional and nuclear weapons. China has lethal missiles like the DF-5 and DF-41, which are capable of hitting the United States.

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