China on Myanmar coup: China demands action against Myanmar protesters in Chinese factory attack case: China demands action against Myanmar protesters after factory attack

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Support China’s military coup in Myanmar: Protesters burnt down 32 factories in China, looted two Chinese civilians, lost billions of rupees
China is now considered to be supporting the military coup in Myanmar. Pro-democracy protesters have expressed their anger at Chinese factories for defending Myanmar’s ruthless army internationally. There have been attacks on 32 Chinese-owned factories in Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon. Protesters not only torched these factories, but many were looted. In fact, China is described as the hand behind the coup in Myanmar, which for a long time was dissatisfied with the democratized government there.

Loss of over 260 crores
According to the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, 32 Chinese-owned factories were attacked in Yangon. Over $ 36 million (over Rs.261 crore) was lost in these attacks. Two Chinese nationals working in factories were also injured in the attacks. On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the Burmese military to stop the attack on Chinese factories and ensure the safety of Chinese employees and companies. China also called for punishing protesters who attacked.

In the area with factories, Morschel La said
Shortly after the Chinese government’s statement, Myanmar’s military government declared martial law in these factories. It is the same area where more than 37 people were killed by security forces during peaceful protests on Sunday. The people of Myanmar strongly condemned this statement by China. The outrage of the people here against China is increasing day by day.

Myanmar rages on social media
More than a million people have condemned China’s social media statement. One user wrote that we strongly defend our interests and strongly condemn the statement by the Chinese Embassy. China has not condemned the military regime, despite the deaths of hundreds of people during peaceful protests. Another user wrote this shame on you, China! You completely ignore the illegal killing of Burmese and only talk about their own selfishness.

138 protesters killed so far in Myanmar condemning the world, but military government brutality continues
138 protesters killed in Myanmar so far
The UN said Monday that at least 138 people have demonstrated peaceful protests since the February 1 military coup in Myanmar. Global body spokesperson Stephen Dujarric said 38 of those people died on Sunday. He said UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarase strongly condemns violence against those who organize peaceful protests.

China turn around in favor of Burmese army, said – We never supported coup
The international community condemned the violence
The international community condemned the violence. The United Nations, the United States, China and Britain have condemned the violence as Myanmar’s military administration does not appear to be softening. At the same time, the protesters did not give up. Although more than three dozen people were killed on Sunday, people took to the streets again on Monday and were again victims of violence.
Video: Angry Myanmar over China, arson in 10 factories, army sack 50 people
Martial law applied
Myanmar’s ruling junta (military regime) implemented martial law in six townships in Yangon, the country’s largest city. The junta regime took this step after tough measures were taken to control protests against the overthrow of the civilian government and the killing of dozens of protesters.

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