China out of control, March 5B long rocket could land on Earth on Saturday: China’s giant rocket will hit Earth that day; New York, Madrid, Beijing, goal

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The US government has warned that China’s massive rocket could hit Earth on Saturday, there are concerns that the rocket could target New York, Madrid and the Chinese city of Beijing, although US scientists have yet to be in. able to detect exactly where this rocket falls
The US government has warned that heavy rocket from China could strike land on Saturday. It is feared that the rocket weighing around 21 tons could strike densely populated subways such as New York in America, Madrid in Spain and the Chinese city of Beijing. However, scientists have not been able to know exactly where this rocket will fall.

The spokesman for the US Department of Defense revealed he could re-enter Earth’s atmosphere on Saturday. He said that information will be given about this rocket by continuously publishing it. Satellite trackers reported a 100-foot-long, 16-foot-wide rocket moving toward Earth at a speed of 4 miles per second. This rocket is named 2021-035B.
Chinese rocket fell uncontrollably to Earth, Long March 5B, such an incident happened 30 years ago
“ Rocket could strike Earth on May 8 ”
US Department of Defense spokesman Mike Howard said, “The US Space Command has full information and is monitoring China’s launch on March 5B.” However, where this rocket will drop right now, exact information cannot be given until it enters Earth’s atmosphere. This rocket could hit Earth on May 8. ”

Let’s say a giant 21-ton rocket from China has gotten out of control in space and is now heading towards Earth. Experts have warned that if a Chinese rocket hits a populated area of ​​Earth, massive disaster could occur. It is feared that the debris of this rocket could fall anywhere in cities like New York, Madrid and Beijing. China launched its 5B rocket on Thursday in March.

“ Chinese arugula can hit anywhere ”
Astronomer Jonathan McDowell, who monitors the Earth object, told Space News that the satellite is currently being hijacked from New York, Madrid, Beijing to the north and south to Chile and New Zealand. He said this Chinese rocket could strike anywhere in the region. It can fall into the sea or in a populated area.

However, he also said that much of this Chinese rocket will be reduced to ashes when it comes close to earth. A satellite tracker has detected that a 100-foot-long Chinese rocket is heading towards Earth at a speed of 4 miles per second. China sent the first part of its space station to be built using this rocket on Thursday. This module is called Tianhe.

This main part of the rocket is 100 feet long
According to experts, this 21-ton object is the main stage for the Chinese launch of the March 5B rocket. He said that after its launch on Thursday, the rocket began to hit land instead of falling at a predetermined location in the sea. It is said to fall to land in the next few days. This main part of the rocket is 100 feet long and 16 feet wide. Experts say this huge part of the Chinese rocket will burn in Earth’s atmosphere but its debris can fall anywhere on Earth.

This is not the first time that the Chinese rocket has gone out of control in space. Earlier in May 2020, the main part of the Launch March 5B rocket got out of control and its debris fell over the Atlantic Ocean. NASA called the Chinese rocket crash really dangerous. The rocket passed over the cities of Los Angeles and New York in the United States before falling.

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