China Pakistan Baluchistan: China crushes Baluchistan movement fearing loss to CPEC: Pressure on Pakistan to suppress Chinese economic corridor worries Baluch movement

From Pakistani politics to how the Chinese have taken over the lives of ordinary people, it became clear from the latest statement from a Pakistani army general. This officer spread panic by saying that China has a role to play in suppressing the freedom movement in Balochistan. He said Beijing gave him 6 months to end Baloch’s struggle.

‘Iran’s worst enemy’
The Bangladeshi newspaper The Daily Sun quoted Major General Ayman Bilal of the Pakistani Army as saying he had been deployed to the region to end the Baluch movement. Bilal described Iran as Pakistan’s greatest enemy and warned that the Pakistani military would go inside Iran and act.

According to the newspaper, Bilal said, “China gave me a salary and a large sum of money and officially deployed me here for regional interests so that I could end Iran’s plot against the Corridor. China-Pakistan Economy (CPEC).

Pakistan’s CPEC project has become a plague for China, billions of dollars stranded
Exploitation of poor Balochistan
Pakistan has launched several development activities in Balochistan, but it is still the poorest corner of the country with less population. Rebel organizations have been fighting the separatist insurgency here for decades. He complains that the central government and the wealthy province of Punjab are exploiting his resources. Islamabad launched a military operation against militancy in 2005.

Indignation at China’s intervention
At the same time, in 2015, China announced the CPEC, part of which is also Balochistan. It will link the port of Gwadar in Balochistan with the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Within this framework, roads, railways and pipelines will also be used to link China to the Middle East. Balochistan’s political separatists and activists are against Chinese interference. This project is harmed by their aggressive attitude and their attacks. Even Chinese officials and workers have been attacked.

Pakistan, China ignore US criticism of CPEC debt
“China, important CPEC for Pakistan”
Bilal says it is very important for China and Pakistan to take over from CPEC and end the Baloch movement. He says he has a lot of money for it. Iran cannot have the chance to create further unrest in Balochistan and a conspiracy against the CPEC. Through CPEC, China wants to present a challenge to the United States and India by dominating Pakistan as well as Central and South Asia.

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