China pakistan nuclear weapons SIPRI: Decrease in number of nuclear bombs in the world after 30 years, China-Pakistan increase in nuclear weapons

There is bad news for the world sitting on a pile of atomic bombs. According to the annual report of Sipri, the international organization that monitors nuclear weapons around the world, for the first time since the 1990s, the number of nuclear weapons in the world has stopped declining. The report says nuclear-weapon states are not only making their nuclear weapons deadlier, but also increasing their numbers. In the past year alone India’s big rival China has made 30 new nuclear bombs and “poor” Pakistan has made 5 new nuclear bombs.

SIPRI said the total number of nuclear bombs in the world decreased in 2021 compared to 2020, but the number of nuclear bombs in immediate use has increased significantly. In 2021, the nuclear weapon states America, Russia, Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and North Korea have a total of 13,080 nuclear bombs . In 2020, that figure was 13,400.

The report says that while the total number of nuclear bombs may have declined, the number of nuclear weapons deployed with the military for immediate use has increased. In 2020, 3,720 nuclear bombs were deployed, while in 2021, 3,825 nuclear weapons are kept ready to attack at any time. Of the mega-destructive weapons kept on high alert, only 2,000 nuclear bombs belong to Russia and America.

SIPRI said in the last report that the process of reducing nuclear bombs that began in the 1990s has now come to a halt. The United States and Russia are constantly striving to improve their stockpile of nuclear weapons. The two countries have deployed 50 more nuclear bombs in perfect attack positions compared to last year. Russia has added 180 more nuclear warheads to its stockpile so that they can be deployed in missiles capable of hitting the United States.

China-Pakistan increase stock, India gives competition
China, dreaming of dominating the world, has stepped up the production of nuclear weapons. China has made 30 new nuclear bombs in the past year. The total number of nuclear bombs in China has now risen to 350. At the same time, Pakistan, which lives in poverty, is spending money like water on nuclear weapons. Pakistan made 5 new nuclear bombs last year. With that, he now has a total of 165 nuclear weapons.

At the same time, India has also prepared to face its two enemies. India has also started to increase its arsenal of weapons. Last year India made 6 new atomic bombs. The total number of nuclear weapons with India has risen to 156. In contrast, another Asian country, North Korea, has manufactured 10 new nuclear bombs compared to last year. Dictator Kim Jong Un now owns 40 to 50 nuclear bombs.

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