China PLA 3D Map: China deploys 3D map of border amid tension with India: China prepared 3D map amid controversy with India

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China for the first time prepared a 3D map to test the accuracy of the country’s border. It also has a disputed western border with India. This was affirmed in the country’s official media. The PLA Western Command designed this special reference system to develop combat capability as well as infrastructure.

Data is like a hard rule
According to the state media report, the PLA recently prepared China’s first exact special date which includes the western part. China’s CCTV quoted Wang Yanbin as saying that the map is like a multifunctional and precise ruler that can coordinate other geographic data in remote sensing images. Yan is in charge of this project and is also the deputy head of PLA’s Navigation and Mapping Unit.

Help in hilly areas
China’s decision becomes more special because the area in which it has a dispute with India is a complex mountainous region. Such a detailed and accurate 3D map will help him deploy his army and be ready for the process in any situation. Height and depth can also be estimated accurately. This will help him deploy and use military equipment with soldiers.

Deployment amid Indian tensions
The CCTV report indicates that to prepare the system, the order took an area of ​​20 thousand kilometers with drones, panoramic cameras and special vehicles and completed the project in two years. Although the border dispute between the Dragon and India has been recent since May of last year, this dispute has been going on for a long time. Now, after the tensions between the two countries deepen, this Chinese project can be completed and the use can start causing problems for India.

Not only India, but also neighboring countries like Chinese Bhutan may face a challenge. With the help of the new system, the Chinese military will be able to keep an eye on the entire western border area. However, it will also be used for infrastructure development, special planning and economic development outside of military needs.

Chinese Communist Party created new rule to end public discontent

PLA has prepared a map

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