China prepares for war in western India, shells and bombs fired by warships – Chinese navy conducts live fire exercise in Gulf of Aden west of India amid border tensions in Ladakh

China is secretly preparing for war amid continuing tensions from India and America. The Chinese Navy recently conducted live fire exercises in the Gulf of Aden in western India. Meanwhile, Chinese warships have been seen targeting missiles and firing naval cannon shells. The video of the exercise was posted by Chinese government spokesperson Global Times. In which it is written that the 36th Escort Fleet of China carried out a live fire in the Gulf of Aden.

The Gulf of Aden is strategically important
The strategic importance of the Gulf of Aden is very important. 40% of the world’s oil and gas is exported through this route. If the Chinese navy closes this route during the war, many countries in Asia, including India, risk suffering heavy losses. Using this route, ships travel to the United States and Canada via the Suez Canal via the Atlantic Ocean. This bay is also of great importance from a commercial point of view.

Can China stop the Gulf of Aden path
It will not be so easy for China to close the Gulf of Aden. The region also has bases in the United States, France and Japan near the Djibouti base in China. Only these three countries can take strong action against this naval blockade of China. Because his greatest loss will be America. If China succeeds in imposing naval blockades, then America’s credibility will end, on the other hand, trade with the United States and other Asian countries will be affected.

Sino-Pak will patrol Gwadar in Djibouti
China and Pakistan are jointly preparing to increase naval patrols from Gwadar to Djibouti in Africa. Its patrol route will also cover the Hormuz Water Treaty area. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 40 to 46% of the total crude oil exported to the world comes from the “Hormuz Water Treaty” region. In such a situation, China and Pakistan can cut off the oil supply line to the world, including India.

China increases the power of Pak Navy
China will now change the color of the entire Pakistani Navy using billions of dollars in weapons. Naval relations between China and Pakistan have also grown rapidly. In April itself, China and Pakistan conducted a naval exercise in the Arabian Sea. Recently released satellite photographs also reveal that Pakistan has deployed its Agosta-19B-type diesel-electric attack submarine to protect Chinese warships. This submarine of French origin is capable of launching the Babur-3 nuclear missile.

Pakistan buys 8 submarines from China
Pakistan Navy purchases Yuan-class 039B-class submarine based on Chinese design to increase its strength. This Chinese diesel-electric submarine is capable of augmenting Pakistan’s naval strength. Who carries anti-ship cruise missiles. This submarine produces low noise thanks to the air independent propulsion system. Due to which it is very difficult to detect underwater.

Chinese army conducts live fire exercise

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