China Sandstorm News: Chinese city of Dunhuang, gigantic 300-foot wall of sand roads closes

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Sandstorms do not end in China surrounded by the Gobi Desert, a 300ft high sand wall in Dunhuang engulfed the whole city, the situation was such that the whole city came to a standstill visible, the sky was orange, the sun hid Beijing
The sandstorms in China, surrounded by the Gobi Desert, do not stop. In the latest incident, a wall of sand over 300 feet high in the city of Dunhuang engulfed the entire city. The situation became such that the whole city ceased to be visible. This whole gruesome spectacle was the same as the one usually seen in Hollywood movies. The sky turned orange because of the storm and the sun hid.

It is said that this great sandstorm originated on Sunday in the Gobi Desert. The video of this storm was shared on social networks, which are shared a lot. It is seen that when the storm entered the city, even the tall buildings ceased to show. After the sandstorm, the police closed all main roads and restricted the movement of people.

“Suddenly a sandstorm arrived”
Visibility dropped to 20 feet due to the sand. According to the South China Morning Post report, this storm hit the city on the old Silk Road at 3 p.m. on Sunday. Tourists in a nearby park had no idea about the storm and all their belongings were washed away by a dust storm. This tour group visited Mt Mingsha and Crescent Lake Park.

The situation was such that tourists had to congregate and wear goggles and masks to avoid the sand. A guide said that seeing the blue sky we thought we would see a beautiful evening, but suddenly a sandstorm came. He said this storm calmed down after staying awhile. As much to say to you that this city of China is known for its bad weather and its standard of living. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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