China seizes Nepalese territory: China seizes 150 hectares of land in Nepal after the shock of Galvan, a military base remains – China seizes 150 hectares of land in Nepal after the clash in the Galwan Valley

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China reclaimed 150 hectares of Nepalese land after a violent skirmish in the Galvan Valley. China began occupying Nepal’s lands on five fronts in May this year. Started Kathmandu
The dragon occupied 150 hectares of land in Nepal after a violent skirmish between India and China in the Galvan valley east of Ladakh. China began occupying Nepal’s lands on five fronts in May this year. Nepalese leaders said China has started deploying its PLA army along the border to occupy Nepalese lands.

In a conversation with British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Nepalese leaders said the Chinese military had passed through the Limi and Hilsa valley in Humla district, northwestern Nepal, and removed the pillar of Pierre. This pillar uprooted him and overtook him in more Nepalese territory. After that, the Chinese army is building a military base in this area. The newspaper reported that it had seen photographs of the Chinese military base.

China, Oli’s friend, occupies Nepalese land, 9 buildings built in Humla

Pilar slipped further into Nepal
PLA troops also reportedly pushed back the border pillar from Gorkha district towards Nepal. Likewise, in the districts of Rasua, Sindhupalchowk and Sankhwasabha in Nepal, the Chinese army occupied the lands of Nepal. Before practicing sports, Chinese engineers changed the Tibetan rivers stream which served as the natural border between Nepal and China.

Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, congressman of Nepal, said: “Why does China want to come to Nepal when it has 60 times more land than our small country?” Neither Nepal nor China provided an answer to questions posed in this regard. Nepalese leaders have alleged that the Oli government has sat in silence on the issue for fear of the wrath of its main trading partner and regional ally, China.

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China occupies 30 hectares in the lime valley
China has adopted an aggressive foreign policy during President Xi Jinping’s tenure, and Nepal must also work under its Belt and Road dream project. Chinese soldiers began occupying Nepalese lands in 2009 and built an animal hospital. When Shahi objected, the Nepalese government told him that the yak and goats would benefit from this hospital.

Shahi said he received a call from villagers in June to inform him that the Chinese military had uprooted Pilar by Chinese troops in the Lime Valley and placed him further in the Nepalese region. China occupied 30 hectares in the lime valley. Today, nine additional buildings and military bases are being constructed for Chinese troops on this land. Shahi informed that China has also annexed 70 acres of Nepalese land to Humla. He said local Nepalese citizens are very scared by this move from China. Apart from this, China has also occupied Nepalese land in Kappa district.

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