China sends largest number of fighter jets to Taiwan

China sent 28 fighter jets to Taiwan on Tuesday. The Taiwan Defense Ministry made this claim. The ministry said that since last year, fighter jets from Beijing have flown to Taiwan almost daily. It should be noted that on Tuesday, China sent the largest number of such planes in a single day, while recently the G-7 countries had targeted China for this.

Taiwan’s defense ministry said the country’s air force responded immediately by deploying its combat air force and stepping up surveillance through its air defense system in the southwest of the island. . He said 14 J-16 fighters and six J-11 fighters were included on the plane to Taiwan.

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Show of force after the declaration of the G-7 countries
Leaders of the G-7 countries issued a statement on Sunday calling for a peaceful settlement of the Taiwan Strait issue, after which China demonstrated its might. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that the G-7 group is deliberately interfering in China’s internal affairs.

Concerns were expressed over bonded labor in a statement released on Sunday. He said China should respect human rights in Xinjiang, give Hong Kong more autonomy and avoid harming security in the South China Sea.

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