China settles village near Doklam in Bhutan

Many countries around the world are troubled by Chinese expansionism, and the dragon refutes these claims. Now, Chinese government media have released their poll. In fact, Shane Shivai, Chinese lead producer for CGTN News, wanted to tweet the photos to show all the development China has made near Doklam. However, the move cost him dearly because the place he was referring to is inside the border of Bhutan. This is a very important area for India because in 2017 there was a clash between Chinese and Indian forces. (Photo: NDTV)

Shared card

Shane shared photos of a village on Thursday. He had said in his tweet that it was the Doklam region. According to the NDTV report, the village is only 9 km from the site of the India-China clash in 2017. Even Shen shared a map of Pangda village which was less than 2 km from the border. from Bhutan. Shane later deleted this tweet. At the same time, detresfa, an open intelligence source, also shared a picture and claimed to have a cool village. At the same time, reports say that China only started construction work here last year.

Village located near Doklam

NDTV’s report compares Shane’s shared map and the actual location. It also shows the site of the Doklam conflict and the “settled villages of China”. Another map indicates that Sikkim is to the west, China to the north, of this village located to the east in the interior of Bhutan. However, NDTV made it clear that it could not be confirmed whether Bhutan had allowed China to settle the village in the area and Bhutan was questioned.

Danger for India?

India is already worried that China will take such steps and gradually expand its expansion and widen its border. At the same time, India’s concern over the territorial integrity of Bhutan also remains. Not only that, China’s growing rapprochement with Doklam may further exacerbate tensions already in Ladakh. Since May, the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) of China has been stationed at the border and has met India on several occasions.

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