China spies on Afghanistan sorry: Afghanistan secretly apologizes to Chinese spies, Beijing is brought in by chartered plane

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The Afghan government has secretly granted amnesty to 10 Chinese spies, who have now been repatriated to China by chartered flight, who were arrested for operating a terrorist cell in Kabul.
The Afghan government has secretly pardoned 10 Chinese spies and has now been brought back to China by charter flight. These Chinese spies were arrested for leading a terrorist cell in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. These spies were repatriated from a special Chinese plane. All the spies are believed to be associated with the Chinese intelligence agency, including a woman.

According to the Hindustan Times report, this Chinese spy ring was exposed on December 25. He was then taken into custody by the Afghan security service NDS. Afghanistan had offered China that, if it apologized for the spying, China would forgive these spies. The conditions under which the Chinese spies were released from Afghanistan have not yet been clarified.
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Diplomatic sources said that on Saturday, the 10 Chinese spies were allowed to return to China after obtaining approval from President Ashraf Ghani. All of these spies remained in the custody of Afghan security forces for approximately 23 days. Previously, the First Vice President of Afghanistan, Amarullah Saleh, offered Chinese Ambassador Wang Yue that he could release all Chinese spies if China issues a formal apology.
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However, China had to say that it was violating international standards and breaking the confidence of Afghanistan. The Chinese ambassador then insisted that Afghanistan not announce the detention of 10 Chinese spies. With this, the Australian newspaper revealed that the members of the Chinese Communist Party are present in the powerful and influential agencies of the world. This includes consulates located in western countries. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has not made any statement about this spy ring.

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