China strengthens war preparation: China prepares Tej war, Xi Jinping’s ‘army’ obtains war powers

China amended its national defense law from January 1 to increase the powers of the Central Military Commission (CMC). The chairman of this committee is Chinese President Xi Jinping. From now on, this commission will be able to mobilize military and civilian resources in the country of “national interest” and abroad. From now on, the role of the Council of State will be reduced in shaping the policies of the military and the CMC will have more power.

Experts believe that the military will become more powerful under the leadership of President Xi Chinfing. According to Chinese media, “development interests” were added to the law for the first time as a basis for the deployment of the armed forces. The National People’s Congress passed the amendment on December 26 after two years of deliberations. Under this law, government and private companies will now jointly focus on defense technology, cybersecurity and space.

The Council of State now becomes the support agency for the army
Military law expert Jeng Zhiping said the State Council has now become an agency supporting the military. This contrasts with countries like Germany, Israel and France. There, the military forces are under the leadership of civilians. Taipei military expert Chi Li-yei said that under the law, China will now use the military to crush Taiwan’s demand for democracy. He said this law is a warning to all Chinese people to prepare for war.

Explain that the tension is increasing in eastern Ladakh and the Taiwan Strait. In Ladakh, where China is seeking to appropriate Indian soil, South China wants to seize Taiwan in China. There has been a verbal war between China and the United States over Taiwan. In the past, China has accused the United States of “demonstrating its might” through its two warships Thursday morning in the Taiwan Strait. The US Navy has also responded to this accusation from China.

China threatens America across Taiwan Strait
The US Navy claims the destroyers USS S. McCain and USS Curtis Wilbur used the Taiwan Strait route under international law. The U.S. Navy said in a statement on its website that the ship’s movement reflected America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region. China’s Defense Ministry called the development a “show of power” and a provocative move, saying it had misinterpreted Taiwan’s independent forces and damaged peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

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