China Super Soldiers Captain America: “ Dragon Pledged To Make Chinese Captain America Soldiers, Making Super Soldiers ” – China Has Tested On Man To Create Captain America As Biologically Improved Super Soldiers

China is now committed to making its troops as strong as “Captain America” ​​for allegedly carrying out this mission. According to the US intelligence report, China has launched human trials to make PLA soldiers super soldiers. China hopes that these tests will lead to the creation of more biologically powerful soldiers who will outnumber ordinary soldiers on the battlefield. This warning was given by John Ratcliffe, director of national intelligence in the Donald Trump administration until May. Let’s see what the problem is …

“ China is the biggest threat to America today ”

In his Wall Street General article, Ratcliffe warned that China was the greatest threat to America and the rest of the free world since World War II. Ratcliffe wrote: “The Intelligence Department is clear that Beijing’s intention is to dominate the United States and the rest of the world in economic, military and technological terms.” He said that many of the big Chinese initiatives and many big companies are just disguises for the activities of the Chinese Communist Party and he calls this behavior espionage and theft. Ratcliffe said China has stolen intellectual property from American companies, produced replicas of their technology, and then replaced American companies in the global market.

“ China makes super solder, tests ”

Ratcliffe said, “China has conducted a number of human trials on People’s Liberation Army soldiers in the hope that they will become biologically stronger soldiers. China has no moral limits to satisfy the thirst for power ”. The US intelligence agency CIA did not respond to Ratcliffe’s claim. According to NBC News of America, these “super soldiers” from China will be like the Hollywood movies “Captain America” and “Universal Soldier”. Just last year, two American academics wrote an article in which they tested China’s intention to use biotechnology on the battlefield. In this regard, he said that China is very interested in dramatically improving the ability of humans (possibly soldiers) using gene editing techniques.

China relies on gene editing technology

US academics have said that CRISPR uses gene editing techniques in Chinese research. This technique is used to treat genetic diseases and to change trees. At the same time, scientists in Western countries claim that the use of this technology is unethical, which tries to change genes to increase the capacity of healthy people. US researcher and Chinese defense expert Elsa Kania wrote: “ The possibility of increasing the capacity of soldiers in a future war using CRISPR technology will only remain conceived at this time, but there are indications that Chinese military researchers explore this possibility. Have gathered

“ Destructive effects of changes in human genes ”

Elsa said Chinese scientists and military strategists constantly insist that biotechnology will bring a new strategic revolution in military affairs in the future. He cited a statement made by a great general of China in 2017 that the integration of modern biotechnology and its information, nanotechnology, etc. would have a revolutionary impact on weapons, equipment, fields of war and military methods and principles. At the same time, other experts say they are more concerned about the damaging effects of changing human genes than their use in the war zone. This can have dire consequences. On the other hand, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying rejected Ratcliffe’s article. Chinese spokesman said it was another step to spread ‘disinformation, political virus and lies’ in hopes of damaging China’s image and Sino relations. -american.

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