China Taiwan American tension: China warns Taiwan independence means war says Joe Biden must reverse Donad Trump’s dangerous practice: China warns United States against Biden administration in Taiwan

China has once again heard the United States speak fiercely about Taiwan. China has said the US administration Joe Biden should stay within limits. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday warned the United States’ Biden administration to withdraw former President Donald Trump’s dangerous tendency to support Taiwan. He said China’s claim to Taiwan was a foolproof red line.

United States supports opening up Taiwan
Although the United States does not have official relations with the democratically elected government of Taiwan, it openly supports this island nation in military and political affairs. Trump, during his tenure, also had a number of billions of dollars worth of dangerous missiles and fighter jets with Taiwan. Trump had sent several senior officials from his cabinet on a tour of Taiwan, teasing that China had flown fighter jets over Taiwan.

Chinese Communist Party warned of attack
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang said there was no scope for agreement or concession before the Chinese government on the Taiwan issue. We appeal to the new US administration to fully understand the serious sensitivity associated with the Taiwan question. Although Wang gave no indication of what China might do if the United States does not change its position, the ruling Communist Party has warned that if Taiwan declares formal independence or talks to join the mainland if it delays , China can attack it.

China’s open warning to Taiwan, quest for independence means declaration of war
China claims – Taiwan can declare independence
China believes that the democratically elected government of Taiwan is moving towards a formal declaration of independence. However, President Tsai Ing-wen has already said that Taiwan is already an independent country called the Republic of China. On the other hand, China’s Defense Ministry has once again declared Taiwan an inseparable part of China.

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