China Taiwan News: Chinese fighter jets in Taiwan airspace

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The Chinese Communist Party spokesman explains the cause of the infiltration of fighter jets in Taiwanese airspace. A few days ago, 25 Chinese planes gathered in Taiwanese airspace were infiltrated by American diplomats on their way to Taiwan. China is carrying out close naval maneuvers.
Fueled by the deepening defense ties between Taiwan and the United States, China has stepped up military operations in the South China Sea. Almost every day, Chinese fighters deliberately attempt to infiltrate Taiwanese airspace. Just days ago, a record 25 Chinese fighter jets simultaneously violated Taiwan’s aerial identification zone. This is the first time that the Global Times, called the spokesperson for Dragon, has explained why Chinese fighter jets repeatedly infiltrate Taiwanese airspace.

The editor of the Global Times explained the reason
Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Shijin said the Chinese military operation was in fact carried out in response to a violation of guidelines for relations between the US State Department and Taiwan. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army will further increase military pressure in the region, given the deepening ties between Taiwan and the United States. If Taiwan shoots at our ships, it will be considered a complete war and the whole of the Taiwan Strait will be ours.

China tells Taiwan its integral part
The Chinese Communist Party declares that Taiwan is part of its territory seven decades after the end of the civil war. It is different that Taiwan has never been directly ruled by China until this day. Chinese government and Communist Party officials have repeatedly threatened to attack Taiwan. Late last year, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry even said Taiwan’s independence would mean the declaration of war.

Taiwan counterattacked by threats from China, said – If attacked, we will wage war to the end
The American delegation reached Taiwan
Joe Biden sent a US delegation on a three-day visit to Taiwan, despite threats from China. Yesterday, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing Wen also met with the US delegation. The delegation also includes former US Senator Chris Dodd and former Assistant Secretary Richard Armitage as well as James Steinberg. These leaders are considered special for US President Joe Biden. Joe Biden is said to have sent these leaders to demonstrate America’s commitments to Taiwan.

China Taiwan Tension: Biden’s ‘special’ reached Taiwan, provoked China, showing strength by drilling live fire
US Secretary of State warns China
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned China against attacking Taiwan. He said that China’s aggressive action really concerns us. Blinken stressed that Taiwan has the full capacity to respond to China. The United States is also committed to peace and security in the Western Pacific.

China sent 25 fighter jets
Two days before the visit by US diplomats, China simultaneously infiltrated 25 fighter jets into Taiwanese airspace. This is the Chinese Air Force’s largest foray into Taiwanese airspace to date. However, the Chinese fighter jet escaped following the warning from the Taiwanese Air Force in action. Earlier on March 27, 20 Chinese Air Force fighter jets simultaneously infiltrated the Taiwan Air Force.

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