China Taiwan News: If China attacks Taiwan will fight to the end: if China attacks, Taiwan will fight to the last breath

Strong points:

Taiwan has issued an open warning to China: if it is attacked, it will fight to the end. He is maneuvering with an aircraft carrier very close to Taiwan.
Furious at threats from China, Taiwan retaliated by saying it will fight the struggle for freedom to its last breath. Indeed, China is maneuvering very close to Taiwan these days with its aircraft carrier and numerous deadly warships. In this regard, the head of the Indo-Pacific command of the US military warned that China could attack Taiwan at any time. Chinese fighters have also constantly violated Taiwan’s air range over the past few days.

If war is necessary, so will they
Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that, in my understanding of US political controllers, they clearly saw the risk of a Chinese attack. We are ready to defend ourselves without a doubt and if we have to fight a war, we will wage a war. He also said that if we were to protect our people to the end, we would not back down.

Minister said – Defense of Taiwan is our responsibility
Joseph Wu said we are already determined to improve our military capabilities and spend more on defense. Protecting Taiwan is our responsibility. We will do our best to improve our defense capability. Taiwan has bought fighter jets, missiles and underwater technology from the United States in recent times.

Taiwan tests weapons of war
Taiwan recently tested Van Chien-2, a precise air-to-surface attack missile, after bolstering its military presence in the South China Sea. This missile is so dangerous that it can destroy Chinese tanks, guns, military base and weapons depots 400 kilometers away in an instant. In Chinese, Van Chien means 10,000 swords. This missile is designed to attack an enemy base hundreds of kilometers from the aircraft with pinpoint precision.

Taiwan amid tensions with China, Killer submarines deploy in South China Sea
Taiwan has the most missiles per area
According to the South China Morning Post report, Taiwan has so many missiles, which is the highest in the world by region. However, the Taiwan Defense Ministry has not released the total number of these missiles to date. According to the China Times newspaper in Taipei, Taiwan has a total of more than 6,000 missiles.

This is why China and Taiwan are enemies
In 1949, the Communist Party led by Maotse Tung overthrew the Comingtang government led by Chiang Kai-shek. After which Chiang Kai-shek formed his government by settling on the island of Taiwan. The Communist Party did not have a strong navy at the time. So they did not take control of the island by crossing the sea. Since then, Taiwan considers itself the Republic of China.

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