China Taiwan News: Taiwan on alert for Chinese navy attack Xi Jinping World War 3 plan: China could attack Taiwan, tensions rise

China is expected to demonstrate its strategic strength on July 1 this year. Experts believe that China could take unexpected steps on the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The Chinese military also announced that it will celebrate the centenary celebrations as an opportunity to maintain full loyalty to the party and Xi Jinping. Since then, Taiwan has also stepped up preparations for war amid fears of a Chinese attack.

China can attack Taiwan
The subjugation of Taiwan to China is considered one of the main issues of the patriotic ceremony of the Chinese Politburo. Many top Chinese Communist Party leaders have already threatened to invade and occupy Taiwan. Speaking to, Professor Steve Tsang, director of the Chinese Institute at SOAS University in London, said it is possible for Beijing to show power in the Taiwan Strait to commemorate the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party. .

Xi Jinping, high-risk leaders
He said that I doubt that China is deliberately going to war with Taiwan during this time, as it is convinced that it can easily capture the island. Xi Jinping is also a riskier politician than former Chinese presidents. It is possible that China will attack Taiwan at any time. However, the biggest obstacle China faces in this work is the United States.

Taiwan ready for war with China! Fired a missile with a precision attack of up to 400 km
Biden announces – America is with Taiwan
Joe Biden said after becoming President of the United States that his administration was entirely with Taiwan. This is why many top American leaders visited Taipei just a few days ago. Under pressure from the United States, Xi Jinping rarely orders an attack on Taiwan, because he knows that if American forces are involved in this war, it can lead to something else.

China Taiwan Tension: China exasperated by US Foreign Minister’s warning, China’s biggest incursion into Taiwan with 25 fighters
Taiwan’s foreign minister says he will fight to the last breath
Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Joseph Wu warned China that we are ready to defend ourselves without a doubt and that if we are to wage a war, we will fight to the last breath. He also said that if we were to protect our people to the end, we would not back down. China is irritated by this statement by the Taiwanese foreign minister.

China rains bomb in South China Sea, open challenge to Taiwan, US
This is why China and Taiwan are enemies
In 1949, the Communist Party led by Maotse Tung overthrew the Comingtang government led by Chiang Kai-shek. After which Chiang Kai-shek formed his government by settling on the island of Taiwan. The Communist Party did not have a strong navy at the time. So they did not take control of the island by crossing the sea. Since then, Taiwan considers itself the Republic of China.

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