China threatens NATO as global security challenge declares 2021 Brussels summit

Beijing / Brussels
Tensions have further increased between the US-led military alliance, NATO and China. At the recent NATO summit in Brussels, leaders said China remains a threat to global security. NATO also said in its statement that it is working to undermine the international rules-based system. In response, China said it was working for peace and was fully ready to defend itself.

China gave NATO a tough response
The Brussels-based Chinese mission said the NATO statement denigrates China’s peaceful development, distorts the international situation and the role of NATO itself, and reflects Cold War thinking and political attitudes. organizational. Beijing spends much less on its military than NATO member states. He alleged that under the pretext of imagining a military threat from China, the organization wanted to justify its own agenda.

China says it will not give up the right to keep the peace
China has warned NATO countries that it will never give up its right to keep the peace but will firmly defend its sovereignty, security and development interests. This warning from China is also believed to be a direct warning to European countries, including America and Britain, which are considering deploying warships in the South China Sea.

NATO circles China for pressure strategy
NATO leaders said in a statement Monday that China’s targeting and coercive behavior is a challenge to the rules-based global order and is also a matter of concern in the areas of China’s security. alliance. Although the governments and leaders of 30 countries have not called China a rival, they have expressed concern over its coercive policies. He also expressed concern about the Chinese military’s opaque modernization methods and the lack of information.

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Criticism of China at NATO post-G-7 meeting
Biden arrived here after attending a three-day summit of seven coalition partners in Britain. At the G-7, he raised the issue of forced labor practices affecting Uyghur Muslims and other human rights violations in western Xinjiang province. President Biden said he was happy with the joint statement, although allies remained divided over how harshly Beijing should be criticized.

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Biden said an attack on a NATO country means an attack on America
Biden met with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg soon after arriving at coalition headquarters and pledged to abide by Article Five of the Coalition Charter, which states that an attack on one limb will be seen as an attack on all and a coordinated response. Biden said I wanted to tell NATO that America is with you. This contrasts with the stance of Trump, who called the alliance shabby. Stoltenberg spoke of the bigger challenges facing the coalition. Biden, who arrived here from Britain, was greeted warmly.

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