China threatens Nepalese Congress: China’s occupation of Nepalese land exposed, Nepalese congressman ‘threatened’

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Nepalese Congressman Jeevan Bahadur Shahi threateningly responded to China, after revealing possession of Nepalese land on Nepalese land, China called her partisan. MP said he felt in trouble after revealing Chinese occupation Do Kathmandu
China responded in a very threatening manner to Jeevan Bahadur Shahi, Nepalese congressman and former Union minister who exposed the Chinese occupation of Nepalese lands in Humla. Following Shahi’s revelations, China not only opposed this, saying it was partisan, but the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu also wrote a letter to the Nepalese Congress. Shahi said that after revealing the Chinese occupation, he felt in difficulty. Not only that, if anything happens to me, China will be responsible for it.

While China has denied Shahi’s claims, the Nepalese government has yet to make a statement on the matter. The most interesting thing is that without going there, the Nepalese government declared that there was no illegal possession on Nepalese land. In a conversation with Nepalese news site Khabar Hub, Shahi challenged the governments of Nepal and China to prove the news of possession to Humla by falsifying it.

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“ Relations between Nepalese Congress and China will be in trouble ”
Shahi said that we have prepared enough evidence and the opportunity to report the occupation of China. The letter sent by the Chinese embassy violated diplomatic regulations. I saw in the letter that I was accused of producing baseless reports. It was also said that it would jeopardize relations between the Nepalese Congress and China. At the same time, the relations between Nepal and China will be affected.

The Nepalese MP said the Chinese Embassy should send questions to their representative and ask us questions instead of investigating. Shahi said if the two countries send their joint investigation team to the scene, the truth can be revealed. He said that the kind of language used by the Chinese official newspaper Global Times and the language of the Chinese Embassy letter, I feel very distressed. I want to repeat that if anything happens to me, China will be responsible for it.

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Jeevan Bahadur Shahi speaking to the Nepalese website KhabarHub said that Humla is my home district. I keep here detailed information on encroachment on land. We informed the government that China had encroached on Nepal’s territory and even started building our border structures on Pilar 12.

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