China Tibet infrastructure plan Highways and highways on the border with India: China to build a large number of highways and highways in Tibet on the border with India

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China to speed up road construction in Tibet amid Indian tensions, invest more than Rs 2 lakh crore over the next five years in Tibet, plans to rapidly develop infrastructure in areas adjacent to the Chinese border
The Chinese Communist Party will invest more than 2 lakh crore rupees in Tibet over the next 5 years. In the face of criticism around Tibet, China plans to build a slew of roads, bridges and rail lines in this decades-long abandoned plateau state. According to the announcement made in Lhasa last week, over the next five years Tibet’s transport infrastructure will be heavily spent.

Invest $ 29.3 billion in Tibet
Chinese state media Xinhua quoted the Tibet Autonomous Region Transportation Department as saying that the new highway would be built at a cost of around $ 29.3 billion. Apart from this, the existing national road will also be modernized. This will improve road connectivity in remote and largely rural areas of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The trap will be set on the expressway and the highway
The report says it is expected to spend around 190 billion yuan during the 2021-2025 period in the Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China. According to the regional transport department, this budget will be used to build new highways, modernize existing highways and improve the condition of roads in rural areas. This will increase the total length of highways in Tibet to over 120,000 km by 2025, while the highway will exceed 1,300 km.

Why China is increasing infrastructure in China
China is embroiled in a border dispute with India in Ladakh. Alarmed by sharp retaliation from the Indian military, China has withdrawn from parts of Ladakh, but to challenge India in the future, it is in the process of setting up a network of roads and rail networks. in this border state. The border of Tibet is contiguous with Ladakh in the north of India and with Arunachal Pradesh in the east. Therefore, he is trying to put pressure on India on several fronts by increasing his readiness.

China tries to distract the world’s attention
China is currently facing criticism around the world over Tibet. Several days ago, many international media organizations dismantled Chinese forced labor camps in Tibet. He even said that China was forcibly sending local residents of Tibet to other parts of the country to get them salaries. Since then, organizations around the world have targeted China. China is expanding the region’s infrastructure to recover from the allegations.

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