China to build new Brahmaputra dam near Arunachal, could exacerbate dispute with India

China defeated the Indian army in Ladakh, China is now looking for reasons to increase tension in the northeast. Following the expansion of the air base and the rail network along the border with Arunachal Pradesh, the Jinping administration is building a new dam. The dam will be built on the Brahmaputra River, known as Yarlung Tsangpo in China. The Chinese Communist Party has announced that it will build this dam in the lower Brahmaputra River near the Indian border.

China’s new dam could increase India’s concern

The new dam that China plans to build on the Brahmaputra River will be equivalent to its three George dams. However, China has yet to release a budget for the project. China’s new project could further exacerbate its dispute with India, experts say. China has refused to recognize Arunachal Pradesh from the start. It is possible that China is also using this dam for its strategic advantage.

This river brings flooding every year due to Chinese dams

The Brahmaputra River originates from China’s occupied Tibet and enters India via Arunachal Pradesh. The river then crosses Assam to Bangladesh. The Chinese government has already built around 11 small and large dams on this river. Because of this, the flow system of this river has also become quite uneven. On normal days, the amount of water in this river is normal. While Assam and Bangladesh face severe flooding every year due to the rapid flow of flows after filling the Chinese dam during the rainy season.

China waters its dry area with Brahmaputra water

From the start, the Chinese government saw Tibet as a major sector of its electricity production. A quarter of the total rivers present in China are found in this region. In such a situation, China’s goal is to make full use of the water in rivers here. It influences the drainage system of rivers by building large dams. Apart from that, China also uses the water from this river to irrigate its dry and deserted area.

China operates 11 hydroelectric projects in the Brahmaputra

Over the past decade, China has operated at least 11 hydropower projects on this river. The biggest of these projects is called Zangmu. The project has been operating at its full potential since 2015, with hydropower plants under construction or planned in the Tibetan towns of Bayu, Jiishi, Langta, Dakpa, Nang, Demo, Namcha and Metok.

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