China Type 003 Aircraft Carrier: China builds third Type 003 aircraft carrier Close-up photo shows the truth: Chinese Navy’s third aircraft carrier is equipped with modern technology, image leaked

China is rapidly building its new aircraft carrier amid tensions with many countries around the world, including India and America. Recently, close-range photos of this aircraft carrier show that this new Chinese warship will be ready soon. Called Type 003, this aircraft carrier is equipped with a modern catapult or an electromagnetic aircraft launch system. There are already two ski jump aircraft carriers operating in the Chinese Navy.

Project started in 2018
Construction of the Type 003-class aircraft carrier began in late 2018, but was suspended last year for technical reasons, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. It is said that now the construction of these aircraft carriers is going fast again, because the workers learned a lot from the construction of the native aircraft carrier that was made of it. It is being built at the Jiangnan Shipyard outside of Shanghai.

The tiktok user shared the photo
A few days ago, a Chinese Tiktok user posted a close-up photo of this aircraft carrier. It was shot at the dry dock of the Jiangnan Shipyard. As soon as this photo went viral, it was deleted. The image shows two elevators on the starboard side of the aircraft carrier and two elevators on the port side. Using these elevators, the planes are moved from the cockpit to the hangar.

Chinese ski jump aircraft carrier

Four elevators that brought planes appeared
The more lift an aircraft carrier has, the greater its ability to lift and transport aircraft. The US Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carriers have four elevators. At the same time, their number is 3 in the modern Ford class. The two previous aircraft carriers in China also had two elevators each. Satellite photos from last July showed that the plane was still in dry dock. But in the last photos, most of the plane looks ready.

China ready for “Dadagiri” at sea, to launch third forward aircraft carrier soon
The ship will be equipped with an electromagnetic aircraft launch system
The Chinese aircraft carrier classes Type 001 and Type 002 have ski jump ramps. This is how planes take off. However, the new Type 003-class aircraft carrier is equipped with the world’s most advanced electromagnetic aircraft launch system. The system is similar to the technology of the US Navy’s new generation USS Gerald R Ford-class aircraft carrier.

aircraft carrier with American catapult system

What is Electromagnetic Airplane Launch System
The electromagnetic aircraft launch system is the most powerful system of any aircraft carrier. With the help of this, heavy ships are launched into the air when taking off from a small runway. If an aircraft carrier has a ski jump ramp instead, heavy fighters cannot be deployed on it.

Tension with the United States, Japan and China building 2 advanced aircraft carriers
India does not have this technology
The current Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya also has a ski jump ramp. For this reason, no heavy fighter aircraft can be deployed there. This warship currently operates the Russian-made MiG-29K aircraft. At the same time, a few months ago, the landing and take-off practice of the native LCA navy was also done from this aircraft carrier.

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