China upgrades another air base 200 km from Sikkim, also deploys missile – China modernizes another Xigaze air base 200 km from Sikkim border in India, also deploys Sam missile

China is constantly strengthening its military presence in Tibet amid tensions in Ladakh. The Chinese military has modernized the new military logistics center here by upgrading the Shigaz Air Base (Xigaze Airport), located less than 200 kilometers from the Sikkim border. Experts predict that China can monitor both India and Bhutan with the help of this air base. This air base is also close to the 2017 Doklam litigation site.

The satellite photo opened the Chinese pole
Open source intelligence @detresfa_ claims that China has built an infrastructure on this air base, based on satellite photos. A railway line is also being laid to link it to the rail network. The new military logistics center is clearly visible in the satellite image. Apart from this, fuel depots and railway terminals under construction are also visible.

Missiles also deployed
Not only that, China has also deployed surface-to-air missiles on this base. According to experts, surface-to-air missiles are deployed to any air base when its strategic importance is high. China has also built two tunnels here. It is believed that the missiles may be hidden here.

China is also upgrading its air base at the Arunachal border
Recently, satellite images revealed that China is upgrading an air base 130 km from the Indian border. A new runway for flying planes and new aprons for their maintenance are being built here. This trail is located on the west side of the Yaku River. There was already a 5,500-meter runway at Chamdo Bangda Air Base. Apart from that, the length of the new runway that China is building is around 4,500 meters.

Can make a military deployment
The satellite image shows an apron designed for military use near the runway. China is believed to plan to deploy some of its troops and weapons to this border during the cold days. These construction activities on this basis started in June 2020 and are still ongoing.

It’s not easy to fly here
This airport is located at such a height that it will not be easy for all planes to fly from here. The temperature here stays well below freezing in cold weather. While, even on normal days, the strong wind, lack of oxygen and low air density make it difficult for planes to fly. In cold weather, the wind speed here rises up to 30 meters per second.

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