China Uyghur Muslim pork: China forces Uighar Muslims to eat pork every Friday

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China’s cycle of repression against Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang is escalating, and Chinese Uygar Muslims are forced to eat pork every Friday. Sayargul, victim of this nefarious act of the Chinese government, revealed Stockholm
China’s cycle of repression against Uigar Muslims is escalating. China is forcing Uighar Muslims to eat pork at Ri education camp every Friday. Sayargul Sautbe, who was the victim of this nefarious act of the Chinese government, revealed it. He said that if a Muslim Uïgar refuses to do so, he is severely punished. Not only that, pig farming is encouraged in the Xinjiang region.

Sayargul said in an interview with Alajjira: “Every Friday we are forced to eat pork… They deliberately chose Friday which is considered a holy day for Muslims. If you refuse to do so, you are severely punished. Sayargul Soutabe is a doctor and teacher in Sweden. Recently, he published his own book and mentions the torture and beatings he suffered.

“Interrogation on relations with Pakistan”
He said, “I felt like I was a different person. There was disappointment all around me. It was certainly very difficult to accept. Another businesswoman victim of Chinese repression is Jumret Daute who was arrested in March 2018 in Urumqi. She said that for two months I was only questioned about relations with Pakistan, which was her husband’s country.

The Chinese authorities not only asked questions, but also requested information on the number of children, religion and reading of the Koran. Daout said that once he had to beg the men in his camp to go to the bathroom. He was allowed to use the toilet but his hands were tied and the male officers followed him to the toilet.

“ We have to eat pork to stay alive ”
Regarding the pork consumption, Daout said that pork is served in the Uygar Muslim camp. He said, “When you are sitting in a concentration camp, you cannot determine what to eat and what not to eat. To stay alive, we must eat the meat given to us. Aljazeera said China is deliberately promoting the pigsty in Xinjiang.

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