China Vaccine efficacy rate Brazil: China Vacine: Corona virus increases in Brazil, Chinese vaccine “ vaccinated ” – Brazil sees Covid 19 deaths Chinese vaccine Sinovac judged less effective against the P1 variant

On Thursday, 1,803 people died from the corona virus in Brazil struggling with the ravages of the Corona virus. Meanwhile, Brazil had bought a large-scale vaccine from China to fight the Corona virus, but in recent research it turns out to be “ worthless ”. This Chinese vaccine has been shown to be effective in only 50.7% of people with the P1 strain of the corona virus disseminated in Brazil.

In recent times, Brazil has become the epicenter of the Corona virus outbreak and on Sunday 37,000 new cases were reported in the country. Brazil has the highest number of corona virus cases in the world after the United States. Due to the lack of restrictions in the country, disruptions in the application of the vaccine against the corona virus and the P1 variant, this epidemic has taken a formidable form.

Only 50.7% effective against the P1 virus
The Chinese Cyanovac Corona virus has been shown to be only 50.7% effective against the P1 vaccine virus, according to the Butanton Biomedical Institute in Sao Pavlo. This institute is currently producing a vaccine against the Chinese corona virus in the country. Brazilian President Jerry Bolsonaro, who was opposed to China, initially said he would not buy China’s Corona vaccine but had to change his decision due to the lack of supply.

Previously, China’s top disease control official said the country’s Corona virus vaccines were less effective and the government was considering making them more effective. Chinese director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Gao Fu told a seminar in Chengdu on Saturday that Chinese vaccines “do not have a very high rescue rate.” Gao’s statement came at a time when China has donated millions of doses of vaccines to other countries and is also constantly trying to create and promote skepticism when vaccines in Western countries are effective.

“ MRNA-based vaccines are under development ”
Gao said, “Now it is seriously considered whether we should use different vaccines for the vaccination process.” Chinese officials did not directly respond to questions about Gao’s remarks at Sunday’s press conference or possible changes to official plans, but another CDC official said mRNA-based vaccines were under development.

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