China warns Group of Seven against Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative

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China has openly threatened the G-7 (Group of Seven) countries Dragon said: Gone are the days when a small group of countries decided the world;
China is irritated by the G-7 summit of the world’s seven largest economies, which continues at Carbys Bay in England. Calling the meeting factionalism against itself, China openly threatened its member countries. China has clearly warned the leaders of these countries, called the Group of Seven, that the days of small groups of countries deciding the fate of the world are over.

China threatens the G7
A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in London said the days when a small group of countries made global decisions are long gone. We always believe that all countries, big or small, strong or weak, poor or rich, are equal. Decisions on global issues should only be taken after consultation with all countries.

Preparing to Stop Jinping Assertiveness
G7 leaders are trying to find China’s counterattack at an ongoing meeting in southwest England. The richest democracies in the world believe President Xi Jinping’s assertion is increasing after China’s spectacular economic and military growth over the past 40 years. To stop this, all these countries are trying to find a comprehensive solution.

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G-7 countries develop common strategy against China
G-7 leaders unveiled an infrastructure plan to rival China’s global campaign. It is said that at present there is no consensus on this issue on how to prevent China from violating human rights. US President Joe Biden has prepared a plan at the G-7 summit to pressure democracies to boycott China over forced labor practices.

G-7 Summit Carbis statement: If there is an epidemic, the vaccine will now be manufactured in 100 days. Seven powerful countries will make a big announcement
G-7 screams against Jinping’s dream project
G-7 member countries have decided to launch a new infrastructure plan against Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious One Belt One Road (OBOR) plan. It is believed that this may result in a loss of thousands of millions of dollars for China. Thanks to this project, China is trapping countries around the world in a debt trap. Many African countries including Sri Lanka and Pakistan have already become economic slaves of China.

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