China withdraws PLA troops from LAC: stalemate between India and China

China is now starting to entangle with India in Ladakh. After the countries of the world rallied in favor of India, the ruthless weather here began to affect Chinese soldiers. This is the reason why China had to hastily withdraw 10,000 troops from the line of effective control.

Claim made in the India Today report
According to an India Today report, China has returned around 10,000 troops to eastern Ladakh. This report was drafted by citing key government sources that the place where Chinese soldiers traditionally trained near the Indian border in Ladakh is currently empty.

China withdraws troops from 200 kilometers
The report claimed that China had withdrawn its troops from an area 200 km along the Indian border. It is believed that China has taken such a step in this region due to the cold of Kadaki. Most Chinese soldiers are not used to living at such a high altitude. Because of this, a large number of Chinese soldiers fall ill.

Cold Chinese army in Ladakh flies to war, preparations on war footing for rescue
Ladakh cold worsens condition of Chinese soldiers
In a recent report, it was claimed that the Chinese military must have lost a large number of its soldiers on the north side of Pangog Lake. Many of them have been seen being taken to low lying areas for treatment immediately after falling ill. In the areas of tension on the Indochinese border from May, the cold began to strike since the beginning of October.

Clash in Ladakh: China blows in Ladakh, dragon soldiers die due to intense cold
Indian army has Siachen experience
The Indian army stationed in front of the Chinese army in Ladakh has adapted to the circumstances of its experiences at the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen. The Chinese military has never been stationed at such an operational post in cold weather before today. In such a situation, not only does the situation of his soldiers deteriorate, but he also fears losing the occupied territory.

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