China withdraws troops from Ladakh: Chinese dragon plays ‘Mind’ game by withdrawing 10,000 soldiers from Ladakh, worries India

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The Chinese LAC claimed to have withdrawn 10,000 troops from Hong Kong, the Hong Kong newspaper reported that there was no possibility of war. Chinese military said the report said all soldiers went in an army vehicle to see India
It has been claimed to have withdrawn 10,000 LAC troops from China amid tensions in eastern Ladakh in recent months. The South China Morning Post, published in Hong Kong, China, cited Chinese military sources as saying the possibility of war in this harsh winter season has been reduced as the Chinese military has been pulled from the ‘disputed border’ ‘with India. . The report states that all the soldiers got into army vehicles for the Indian side to see and confirm.

These soldiers were deployed by the Xinjiang and Tibet Military Zone newspaper for short periods. The Indian military also admitted that Chinese troops have returned. However, the Indian military said that to date no Chinese troops have been withdrawn from the tense areas. Tension has been in these places since May 5 of last year. Experts say there is no way to independently verify the Chinese newspaper’s claim that 10,000 soldiers were kidnapped, but if the soldiers were kidnapped on such a large scale, they could be captured on a large scale. using satellite photographs or communication equipment.
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No photo of returning Chinese soldiers
According to experts, there is no picture of these returning Chinese soldiers. He says that these Chinese soldiers returned with the pleasure that the Chinese army made a metal road to the last pole and made a forward landing field all over the LAC. China now has so many capabilities that it can deploy its entire army in just a week. On the other hand, according to the planners of the Indian army, in the face of this Chinese threat, the Indian army will remain fully alert until the status quo is restored in eastern Ladakh.

The Indian military has also made it known that it will not back down until the Chinese troops withdraw completely. The important thing in the practice of the Chinese army is that it carried out its annual exercise at the military base of Shedula or Shaheedullah which is only 94 km from the Karakoram Pass. This Karakoram Pass is very close to Daulatbeg Oldi Air Base in India. In the 19th century, strategically important General Dogra Zorawar Singh captured the whole region.
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‘With the withdrawal of Chinese troops, India may also consider doing so’
In its report, the South China Morning Post said the Central Military Commission is convinced that in such a cold state, it is impossible for the two sides to go to war. For this reason, Chinese troops were returned to their original barracks. In the same report, a retired Indian diplomat is said to have said that with the withdrawal of Chinese troops, India may also consider doing so. According to experts, the Indian military must be aware of these mind games.

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