China Xinjiang: Foreign Clothing Companies Express Concern over Xinjiang, China Condemns China – China Condemns Foreign Clothing and Footwear Companies Over Xinjiang Issue

The ruling Communist Party in China condemned the foreign brand “H&M” and other clothing and footwear companies for referring to human rights violations in Xinjiang. In fact, the party’s Youth League on Wednesday referred to a March 2020 statement from “ H&M ” on its social media account that it would not buy cotton grown in Xinjiang. The Swedish brand said it was “ deeply concerned ” by reports of forced labor in the Xinjiang region.

On Thursday, the party’s “Global Times” newspaper said other companies – Barbieri, Adidas, Naik and New Balance – had also made “unfavorable comments” on Xinjiang cotton two years earlier. Other celebrities, including famous singer and actor Wang Sibo, have also announced the termination of advertising contracts with “H&M” and Nike.

According to analysts and foreign governments, more than a million people have been imprisoned and forced into labor camps in China’s Xinjiang Province. Most of these people belong to the Uïgar Muslim ethnic group. On Monday, the European Union, the United States, Britain and Canada jointly announced the imposition of travel restrictions and financial sanctions on four senior Chinese officials.

“How H&M can break this pot by eating Chinese rice,” a Chinese public television broadcast said Wednesday.

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