China’s artificial sun nuclear fusion reactor sets new world record at 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds

The nuclear fusion reactor in the Chinese artificial sun set a world record from its start-up. This reactor generated a temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for 100 seconds. This temperature is much more than 10 times higher than the temperature of the sun. To date, such a high artificial temperature has not been created in any country on earth. So much energy has been generated from this reactor that it is called the “artificial sun”. Thanks to this, China has also increased its research capacity in the field of nuclear energy. Chinese scientists hope the advanced experimental superconducting tokamak will give China an unlimited source of green energy. It is also expected to significantly reduce China’s dependence on other countries for fuel and pollution levels.

Record broken by creating a temperature of 120 million degrees centigrade

This modern reactor was first started up in 2020 last year. Then this reactor generated a temperature of 100 million degrees centigrade for 100 seconds. But, this time, China’s nuclear fusion reactor created a temperature of 120 million degrees centigrade, breaking its own record. Li Miao, director of the physics department at the Southern Shenzhen University of Science and Technology, told the Chinese state-run Global Times that the next goal of the project may be to operate the reactor at this temperature. during one week. He also said that artificially creating so much heat is also a great achievement in itself. However, the ultimate goal of these scientists should be to maintain this temperature at a constant level for a long time.

Produces infinite energy from a strong magnetic field

The machine, the largest and most advanced research device in China’s Atomic Fusion Experimenter, uses a powerful magnetic field to propel hot plasma to a fusion level. The device is designed to replicate the process of nuclear fusion occurring spontaneously inside the sun and stars to provide endless clean energy. For this reason, this device was able to generate temperatures of up to 120 million degrees Celsius. This device was installed in the province of Anhui in China, whose work was completed during the last months of last year. Its reactor was named the artificial sun because of its extreme heat and power. This reactor is operated by the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences in China.

What is the fusion reaction?

The sun derives its energy from nuclear fusion. This produces a plasma in which the isotopes of hydrogen (deuterium and tritium) fuse to form helium and neutrons. Initially, energy is consumed for the reaction to generate heat, but once the reaction begins, energy is also generated due to the reaction. ITER is the first reactor that aims to produce more energy as a reaction by-product than is used to initiate a nuclear fusion reaction.

This is why China is so interested in the manufacture of reactors.

People’s Daily, spokesperson for the ruling Communist Party of China, said the development of nuclear fusion power is not only a way to meet China’s strategic energy needs, but also plays an important role. in promoting the future development of China’s energy and national economy. is. Chinese scientists have been working on the development of smaller versions of the nuclear fusion reactor since 2006. They plan to use the device in collaboration with scientists working on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). Besides China, France also has the world’s largest nuclear fusion research project, which is expected to be completed by 2025. It is believed to be the second largest international science project since the completion of the International Space Station (ISS).

What is this nuclear reactor from China?

The Tokamak HL-2M reactor is China’s largest and most advanced nuclear fusion experimental research device, and scientists hope to harness powerful sources of clean energy using the device. In this reactor, strong magnetic fields are used to melt the hot plasma and reach a temperature of 150 million ° C. It is ten times hotter than the core of the Sun. The reactor, located in southwestern Sichuan province, was completed last year. Because of the heat and power it gives off, it is called an artificial sun.

Why is the fusion reaction better?

In nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants, the fission reaction occurs instead of fusion. The fusion reaction does not emit any greenhouse gases and does not imply the possibility of an accident or theft of atomic materials. If this experiment is successful as a large-scale carbon-free source, then the world can experience unprecedented clean energy benefits in the future. For the first time in 1985, the first idea of ​​his experiment was launched.

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