China’s defense budget 2021: China’s defense budget: tensions with India and America, Chinese dragon drastically increased defense budget – China brings defense budget to $ 209 billion dollars, 6.8% increase amid tensions with India and the United States

China has dramatically increased its defense budget due to tensions with India and the United States. China has increased the defense budget for the year 2021 by 6.8%. China’s defense budget has now officially reached $ 209 billion. China has announced an increase in the defense budget as the world battles the corona virus. In this great depression, the dragon shows the greatness from East Ladakh to the South China Sea.

Chinese Premier Li Keiang announced an increase in the defense budget at the country’s National People’s Congress. Defending the increase in the defense budget, AFN spokesman Zhang Yessui said China was increasing its defense budget so as not to target or threaten it. He claimed that China’s defense policy was defensible in nature.
Chinese dragon threatens world, Tibetans rights will support: US
China’s tension with India and America at its peak
China has increased this defense budget at a time when its tensions with India and the United States are at their peak. Experts say China wants to rule the world and that is why it is continually increasing its defense budget. China’s military conflict with the United States over Hong Kong’s attack on democracy and in the South China Sea has escalated. In addition, tensions persist between China and India in eastern Ladakh. China increased its defense budget by 6.6% last year amid the Corona virus attack. Meanwhile, many experts also claim that China does not give precise figures on its military spending.

Colonel Wang Shiangsui, who has retired from the Chinese military, says the US military wants to maintain its dominance in nuclear weapons and space and China wants to spoil it. China is increasing its defense budget at a time when it is reported that it is expanding its missile training area to a much larger scale. Satellite photographs have revealed that the Chinese military is expanding storage containers (silos), tunnels and support facilities to transport missiles to the area.

China builds at least 16 missile silos
From these preparations, there are fears that China will make missiles the main weapon in the coming days to increase its firepower and dominate the enemy. China has many deadly missiles, which the United States doesn’t even break. China manufactures at least 16 silos. These photographs also showed that he was making the tricolor to hide the new missile launch facility and the loading operation.

The People’s Republic of China Rocket Force (PLARF) trains its missile crew in this training area east of Jilantai City in Inner Mongolia Province. This includes missiles and support vehicles mounted on trucks or trains. The Geelantai training area covers a total area of ​​2,090 km2, including desert and hilly areas. Its length is about 140 kilometers.

China increased defense budget amid Indian tensions

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