China’s pla troops besieged during the clash of the galwan valley: china admits the gallant saga of the indians in galwan, the commander of the pla has been surrounded, the death toll has changed

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China admitted that Indian soldiers surrounded the Chinese commander’s Fabao in Galwan, not only that, China also changed the death toll of its soldiers to 5 after 5 months.
China, which carried out bloody attacks in Ladakh’s Galvan Valley, admitted Indian soldiers retaliated and surrounded scores of PLA soldiers, including Chinese commander Ki Fabao. Not only that, China also changed the death toll of its soldiers after 5 months. China said not 4 but 5 of its soldiers were killed in the violence in Galwan. China has given a lot of new information about the death of its soldier Chen Hongjun.

China’s state-run news agency Xinhua told the official Global Times siren that battalion commander Chen Hongjun, 33, lost their lives along with four other comrades in the conflict with India while on duty in the border. All these soldiers belonged to the Xinjiang military command and were stationed at the foot of the Karakoram. Earlier in February, China admitted for the first time that 4 of its soldiers had died in the violence in Galwan.

Many soldiers, including the PLA commander, were surrounded during the violence
Dragon made this confession at a time when the armies of China and India were retreating from Lake Pangong. India believes the death toll in China in the Galwan violence is more than China’s official announcement. According to the printed report, so far it was said that Indian soldiers had failed in Galwan, but now China has admitted that many soldiers, including its commander, have been surrounded during the violence. Not only that, when the Indian soldiers started to get heavy, the Chinese army had called in more soldiers.

The Global Times wrote of Chen Hongjun, “When the regiment commander Qi Fabao was surrounded by Indian soldiers during the battle, Chen Hongjun took other soldiers with him and went ahead so that the soldiers could Indians can fight with sticks and stones. . Chen saved the commander by making his body a shield. When Chen saw that many other Chinese soldiers were surrounded, Chen again jumped onto the battlefield. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in this conflict. Most of these deaths were due to falls in cold water.

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