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China has deployed HQ-9 missile system amid tensions in Ladakh
No agreement has yet been reached between India and China to end the current tension in Ladakh. Recently, the command level meeting was declared positive by both sides, but the reality is that the Chinese military is not ready to withdraw from this area. Tension persists in Gogra Heights, Hot Springs, Depsang and Demchok in eastern Ladakh.

China has deployed an air defense system
According to an India Today report, China has deployed several HQ-9 long-range air defense systems batteries to the region. These missiles can pose a threat to Indian fighters, helicopters and drones flying close to the border. In addition to this system, China has also deployed the HQ-22 defense system.

India also sent a direct message to China
In talks with China, India has also made it clear that de-escalation will only be considered in another area after the Chinese military withdraws. The Indian army also returned to the summer deployment in the region after severe cold. Thousands of soldiers on both sides still guard the border day and night. The report even goes so far that in many areas the difference between Indian and Chinese troops is less than a kilometer.

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China’s defense system can kill up to 200 km
The missiles of the Chinese HQ-9 air defense system can destroy any target in the air up to a distance of 200 kilometers. China claims this air defense system is on par with Russia’s US Patriot and S-300 defense systems. It consists of active surface-to-air radar missiles. The HQ-9 system uses the HT-233 PESA radar system to detect enemy air targets.

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The missiles are equipped with explosives of 180 kg
This air defense system mainly comes in three types. The HQ-9 also has two-stage missiles similar to the S-300 system. This missile is equipped with explosives of 180 kg. The missiles of this 6.8 meter long system can fly at a speed of 4.2 Mach. These missiles are mounted inside the tube, the torget of which can also be changed at the last moment.

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