Chinese Air Force: Huge hangar shown at Malan Air Base in China, anti-satellite weapons test site? – huge hangar test site at chinese air force malan airbase for anti-satellite weapons

China is rapidly expanding its secret air base in Xinjiang province amid tensions that have persisted in Ladakh for a year. A huge hangar can be seen on the satellite image of the Chinese air base in Malan. Usually, these large hangars are not built on any airbase in a country. Experts believe that China is using this air base for military space research, development and testing. Not only that, there are even concerns that China has deployed anti-satellite laser systems or high-powered microwave weapons on this air base.

This hangar is 1150 feet long
The defense website called War Zone, based on satellite images from Planet Labs, said this hangar is approximately 1,150 feet long and 450 feet wide. The hangar at Malan Air Force Base is located eight kilometers south of Lake Boston, the largest lake in the Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The air defense missile site is also visible near this hangar. In such a situation, it is believed that China is using this air base for military space technology.

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Numerous Chinese army vehicles were also seen at the air base.
Satellite images obtained from Apple Maps also revealed the presence of several vehicles and drones at this air base. This hanger is shown in green in the photos. Near which trucks and other vehicles of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army are seen standing. A runway-like track is being improved near the hangar. This runway is 8,000 feet long where a large military aircraft can also land.

Suspected of being the test site for the anti-satellite laser system
The report suggests that the massive airship hangar at the Chinese Air Force’s Malan Air Base could be a test center for ground-based anti-satellite laser systems or large-scale microwave weapons. power. There is also a large tower to the south of this air base, about four and a half miles from the hangar. Apart from that, the construction of many bunkers and buildings can also be seen on this air base. It is believed that engineers and Chinese Air Force employees working here will be in these towers.

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A fighter plane was seen among the drone crowd in Malan itself
At the end of last year, the photo of a fighter jet among drones at the same air base grabbed the headlines. Later experts said China is actually testing the use of artificial intelligence in fighter jets. If this experiment is successful, the J-16 fighter jet will be used as an unmanned aerial vehicle in the coming days. This will reduce the risk of life of pilots during the war and also lead to a huge increase in air capacity.

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